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It’s a 30 minute walk one way from the car park which makes it the best option for viewing sunset. The show gives an insight into the correct star constellations and planets available to view later. 15:45 - 16:00 - Flights departs to Wanaka. Once the cloud settles in the valley its sure to obscure all summit viewing opportunities. The hike to view the glacier is straight up, mostly on gravel stairs with no handrails. It provides a logical stop on the route between Christchurch and Queenstown. 07:30 - Check-in at Southern Alps Air at Wanaka Airfield, and fly to Mount Cook. The Tasman Glacier Track is a popular short hike in Mount Cook National Park — just go for the views and not to see a pristine glacier! From this northern edge of the valley you begin to appreciate that this Lake was once the home to the Tasman Glacier, having since retreated over thousands of years. Ball and Caroline) feed into. Available for direct bookings via our website. Skiing the Tasman Glacier is the classic Kiwi snow adventure, guided by Alpine Guides, Mount Cook's original, and most experienced mountain and ski guiding company. Based at Aoraki/Mt Cook airport Heliworks Mt Cook offer spectacular scenic flights throughout the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. At 12,349ft Mt Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand. Quick View. Mt Cook Glacier Guiding was formed by combining Mt Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters and Fox Glacier Guiding. Apart from the sight of the Mt Cook Summit, this National Park is home to the spectacular and accessible Tasman Glacier, a perfect example of beautiful New Zealand scenery. As your pilot hovers the helicopter over the vast snow covered ice field you land and open the doors for a chance to explore this wonder of nature on foot. The views are well worth it! Even better if the weather is clear, especially for Stargazing! Clear views to the summit require luck and a little patience. Look forward to a good workout climbing the steps to the lookout. The Tasman Glacier terminates into a lake (Tasman Lake) which is currently 5km long and 240 metres deep and constantly expanding. Heliworks Mt Cook is privileged to be able to land at a number of locations on the Tasman glacier and throughout the National Park. 16:30 - 17:00 - Arrive back at Wanaka Copyright © 2020 FLYING AND TRAVEL                        ABOUT                 CONTACT               TERMS OF USE                PRIVACY POLICY. The mostly flat trail is an easy walk for all ages and abilities. Mount Cook Lake Tekapo & Tasman Glacier (small Group Tour Including Lunch) Do you want to read more similar stories? Anyway, great photos of an amazing place in NZ! Tasman Glacier Heli-hike Mount Cook. On your journey to Aoraki Mt Cook National Park be sure to stop off at the Lake Pukaki viewpoint located just off the Route 80. Christchurch to Tasman Glacier: Tasman Glacier is a 3-4 hour drive from Christchurch., near the popular tourist spots of Omarama, Twizel and Lake Tekapo. Such an incredible place. Glacier Kayaking is the ultimate way to experience the magnificence of this world famous national park. Yes, Lake Pukaki really is this blue, no filter required! With your professional glacier guide, you will fly high onto the “white ice” of New Zealand's longest and largest glacier – the mighty Tasman (Huapapa). The first, and seemingly most popular, takes you up a hill to a viewpoint overlooking Tasman Glacier … Tasman Glacier meanders through the Southern Alps like a river of ice, carving itself through rock and arriving with a splash at Lake Tasman. Learn More. The Southern Alps await! This magnificent glacier is the largest of several in the region that flows towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps. You will fly in to your drop off point on a remote part of the glacier. Seeing it from above must me incredible! Use our Interactive map of Aoraki Mt Cook National Park to explore the sights. Fly over the Southern Alps and Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park to reach Tasman Glacier, New Zealand’s largest glacier and a frozen wonderland of ice caves, snow fields, crevasses and pinnacles. Every scenic flight includes a landing on the Tasman Glacier. Perhaps not the picturesque of  Glaciers in New Zealand, the sight of this mammoth wonder of nature retreating back to the mountains should be enough evidence for visitors to appreciate the scale and speed at which the planet is changing with the effects of climate change. Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight from Mt Cook to Tasman Glacier followed by an exhilarating 2-hour guided walk on the glacier itself. Tasman Glacier Heli-Hiking You Can Do It. Tasman Glacier trail is a short drive from the Mount Cook Village with ample parking available. The national park has no entry fee, so get out and enjoy! The Tasman flows south west from Hochstetter Dome and Mount Elie De Beaumont alongside the southern slopes of the Minarets peak and south along the eastern flank of New Zealand's two highest mountains, Mount Tasman and its higher southern neighbour Aoraki / Mount Cook. The 27 km Tasman glacier is the longest in New Zealand. The road to Mt Cook navigates around the northern shore line of Lake Pukaki and provides many stunning viewpoints along the way. Then board your MAC boat, and enjoy the ever changing face of the Tasman Glacier terminal lake and its icebergs. Tasman Glacier is one of the glaciers to come off the Mount Cook range in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park. A few kilometers before Mount Cook Village, turn right on Tasman Valley Road. Tasman Glacier Snowshoeing You Can Do It. The glacier lake freezes over winter so the start of the season is subject to the lake thawing. The track begins near the carpark at the end of the road. It’s possible to book a Tasman Lake boat tour in small speedboats should you wish to view these floating islands of ice. The combination of leaders in aviation tourism and glacier guiding professionals has provided us with a long and safe history of operating in this beautiful alpine environment. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Haupapa/Tasman Glacier is the longest glacier in New Zealand, currently 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) long and up to 2 kilometres wide. 14 reviews. More info. If your’re lucky with a clear sky, the blue of the lake merges into the blue of the sky. Looking into the distance you can see the rock covered Hooker Glacier which submerges into the Lake at the Terminal Face. This incredible day combines the breathtaking views of flying over the Southern Alps and the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park with the once-in-a-lifetime experience of actually skiing on the famous Tasman Glacier, New Zealand’s longest glacier. From SH80 turn onto Tasman Valley Road before Aoraki/Mount Cook Village. Queenstown to Tasman Glacier: It’s possible to fly from Queenstown to Mount Cook airport with Glenorchy Air. Combine the excitement of walking on New Zealand’s biggest glacier with the thrill of breathtaking scenic helicopter fly-bys of New Zealand’s largest mountain, Aoraki/Mt Cook. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. if you like our Facebook fanpage, you can read everyday such amazing stories. More info. Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park – Nature At Its Most Awesome. Icebergs litter the lake and flow towards the out-flowing river located in the south east corner which has large rocks to clamber over and explore on foot. This Mt Cook scenic flight takes in the highlights of the magnificent scenery of the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. It provides a logical stop on the route between Christchurch and Queenstown. New Zealand’s Longest Glacier. Top 10 things to do in South Island New Zealand. 38 reviews. As the sun retreats behind the towering Southern Alps, orange and red light reflects from the mirrored surface of the snow capped Mt Cook summit. The Tasman Glacier View track starts at the Tasman Glacier Car park, also known as the Blue Lakes Car Park. Spent a couple of nights at Mount Cook to explore the area and loved it! No permit is required to visit Tasman Glacier View and Blue Lake. Hooker Lake is your closest pass to Mount Cook. Absolutely loved the area of Mount Cook. At over 750 metres above sea level you can become part of the environment, paddle beneath towering glaciated mountains and view the majestic glaciers and summit of the mighty Aoraki Mount Cook. The Hooker Valley carpark is the closest drop off point for commencing these trails if you want to avoid the extra distance from the Mount Cook Village. That trail is a rough four wheel drive track that climbs relentlessly for 6km as it gains 300 metres (1000 feet) up to the crest of the lateral moraine of Tasman Glacier. I'd highly recommend getting up in the air with them whether it be for 10 minutes or a couple hours. 09:00-09:15 - Arrive in Mt Cook – Ski The Tasman day begins. Mt Cook + Tasman Glacier Experience. The Blue Lakes. It is the larger glaciers that many smaller glaciers (i.e. You can also book Glacier Explorers and other Aoraki/ Mount Cook activitie s in conjunction with your accommodation booking. Highlights – Truly breathtaking views of glacier, glacial moraines, lake, and mountains.. It contains 1/3 of all the glacier ice in New Zealand! The silts and sediments deposited from the Glacier outflow cause the pronounced blue colour of the Lake. All the Ski The Tasman Classic 2-run day inclusions; DAILY ITINERARY 07:15 - We telephone to confirm we are operating. The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, also known as the “Hermitage” is  home to a full dome planetarium which organises stargazing tours. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park  is a great choice for your South Island New Zealand itinerary. Difficulty – Easy. Which was 2 more days. Discover the magnificent Aoraki/Mount Cook region by experiencing heli-hiking, snowshoeing or ice climbing in and around the imposing Haupapa/Tasman Glacier. Views of … No climbing experience is required to experience the presence of this colossal mountain. Popular: Booked by 264 travellers! Your email address will not be published. Mt Cook National Park is home to a very dark night sky, which is perfect for stargazing with no light pollution from urban areas. Glacier Explorers Details. From Kea Point you can see the more popular Hooker Valley Trail which crosses the Hooker River at a suspension bridge (see below). Experience a scenic helicopter flight and glacier landing. Restaurant: +643 435 1890. US$284.54 per adult. But that’s nothing compared to the distant views of the Mt Cook Summit, which can only be viewed on a cloudless day. Travel by bus from the Hermitage Hotel to the Tasman Valley, followed by a 30 minute alpine walk through the moraine and National Park. The mountain is in the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park, in the Canterbury region. Lake Tasman and the Tasman Glacier with Aoraki/Mt Cook in the background. From Christchurch, it’s a 4 … Tasman Glacier View Track Map Top 10 things to do in North Island New Zealand. Learn More. Hooker Valley is the most popular trail in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. The highest mountain peak in New Zealand, Mount Cook stands at 12,349 ft, is a delight to gaze at. The car park is at the end of Tasman Valley road which you’ll take near the end of Mount Cook road. Glacier Explorers 2.5 hour trip is a great way to experience the Tasman Glacier - New Zealand's largest glacier - in the most unique way possible! Accommodation offerings around Mt Cook are limited to the Mt Cook Village. Aoraki-Mt Cook Glacier Guiding Limited Partnership T/A Mt Cook Glacier Guiding. From Twizel you can take an all-weather sealed road to Mount Cook Village. The Tasman Glacier is home to a couple of great short walks in the Mt Cook National Park. Then read my 11 Day South Island Itinerary Road Trip, with full driving details, interactive maps and unbiased accommodation listings. Mount Cook Private Day Tour via Lake Tekapo including Lunch. The trail is steep to the lookout, but it’s a short trail. Apart from the sight of the Mt Cook Summit, this National Park is home to the spectacular and accessible Tasman Glacier, a perfect example of beautiful New Zealand scenery. If you aren’t wanting to tackle the longer but still awesome, Hooker Valley Track (3 hours return) then a great walk for kids is the Tasman Glacier View track or the Tasman Glacier Lake. The Tasman Glacier is a must for outdoors enthusiasts and all first-time visitors to Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. A multitude of outdoor activities are available from the hub of Mt Cook Village; Boat trips, Glacier Flights, Climbing and Stargazing. Helicopter Mt Cook Snow Landing Similar to the above tour, this 40-minute excursion tours Fox Glacier and Mt Cook from the air, then lands on Mt Tasman. Why go Whitewater Rafting in New Zealand? Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is a great choice for your South Island New Zealand itinerary. Let me help you to travel; Saving you Time and Money! It is our pleasure to guide you on a thrilling experience and be part of your alpine adventure in one of the most visually stunning parts of New Zealand. And this Terminal face is camouflaged under the piles of rock which were deposited from the ablation zone. The best views of the summit can only be found within the vicinity of Mount Cook Village because of the undulating terrain which obscures views from further back in the valley. There is a small storm shelter and bathrooms about two-thirds of the way along this trail. Soaring amongst these icy summits from a helicopter or aeroplane is only half the adventure. Directions: Take State Highway 8 to State Highway 80 (Mount Cook Road), at the south end of Lake Pukaki. The Terminal Face is the technical term for the cliff-face of ice which marks the end of the Tasman Glacier’s tongue of ice. Enjoy 15% off your scenic flight when you mention KIWITRAVEL on booking. Lying long and deep in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is the incredible Tasman Glacier, a terminal ice structure that is the biggest of its kind in New Zealand.. Required fields are marked *. Icebergs from the Tasman Glacier float in the Tasman Lake and give you a very accessible insight from the nearby Tasman Glacier lookout which is a short walk from the car park. Glacier Explorer Boat Trip . Aoraki-Mt Cook Tasman Glacier & Alpine Centre scenic day tour from Christchurch. Tasman Glacier is located on the South Island of New Zealand, in Mount Cook National Park. We use aircraft to access NZ's two longest ski runs. The Glacier currently feeds into Lake Pukaki from the Tasman River. Mt Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters were so friendly and gracious and all of us had a wonderful time! Tasman Glacier Lake (1 hour return) Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View (40 mins return) Getting there. Get ready for a hassle-free day of adventures from Christchurch with round-trip transport, and admission tickets included. Twin Glacier – 30 Minute Helicopter Flight Perfect for families that … Drive north on SH 80 for 53.0 kilometers. The park contains more than 140 peaks standing over 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) and 72 named glaciers, which cover 40 percent of its 700 square kilometres (170,000 acres). Yes, Mt Cook is Stunning, especially if you can take a flight in a helicopter! South Island Itinerary: Road Trip New Zealand, Martinborough: Wine Tasting in New Zealand, 25 Photos to Inspire you to visit New Zealand, 7 Tips for Staying Healthy on Long Flights, Pilots in Paradise: Island Hopping the Bahamas by Plane, Maldives Wanderlust: 20 Photos to Inspire Your next Holiday. Here you can find the Hermitage Hotel or more budget friendly option of Mt Cook Lodge. This is in the Tasman valley, one valley to the east of Hooker valley. The Southern Alps await! If you’ve chosen to fly by aeroplane, then  you’ve chosen the ski plane which allows snow landings! Then you are driven by bus to the airfield where the Planetarium guides give an interactive talk on the night sky and setup telescopes for viewing planets, star clusters and nearby galaxies. Explore New Zealand's largest glacier, blue ice caves and incredible ice formations while you make turns down our longest ski runs. Activities: +6427 434 2277 62 reviews. You look up to the ice covered summit from one of the popular Mount Cook National Park walking trails. Read more about flying over New Zealand’s glaciers. Welcome to New Zealand’s dramatic mountain country and Aoraki/Mount Cook area; enjoy spectacular views from the air, feel the ice crunch underfoot as you walk on the Tasman Glacier and hear the … Years of experience and exploration of the glacier by your guide has resulted in extensive local knowledge allowing you to explore the hidden gems of the Tasman Glacier. US$424.31 per adult. The evening begins at the centre with a 3D tour of the night sky in the Planetarium. Cook National Park. Definitely, Mt Cook National Park is a very special place. The hike to view the glacier is straight up, mostly on gravel stairs with no handrails. Without doubt, experiencing the wonder of New Zealand’s Glaciers from above is an opportunity not to be missed on your South Island New Zealand itinerary. loading map - please wait...Map could not be loaded - please enable Javascript!→ more information, Your email address will not be published. There is one good mountain bike permitted trail in Mount Cook National Park, a UNESCO world heritage area. The Wigley: Top of the Tasman Glacier Hike, The Cool Climber: Tasman Glacier Ice Climbing. There are several connected tracks on the Tasman Glacier hike. We are located at the Old Mountaineers' Cafe Bar & Restaurant next door to the DOC Visitor Information Centre. Planning a trip to the South Island? There are a number of short walks in the Mount Cook Village area which give access to the best Mt Cook views. NZ’s Longest Ski Runs – Ski the Tasman Glacier! Setting off from the Valley carpark, it makes a lofty crossing over the Hooker River across a suspension bridge with views over Mueller Lake. Quick View. "A group of 12 of us got the chance to hop on a couple of ski planes for a 10 minute scenic tour to the Tasman Glacier. Tasman Glacier View Walk Overview. You can view the glacier with ease at a distance from a lookout point not far off the road. We meet at Mount Cook Airport, provide a safety briefing, and check equipment - then embark on a thrilling helicopter flight into the mountains. See reviews and check for discounts. Mt Cook Helicopter Flight and Tasman Glacier Walk. Tasman Glacier trail is a short drive from the Mount Cook Village with ample parking available. Location – Aoraki Mt. The park was established in 1953 and along with Westland National Park, Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park forms one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Tasman Glacier, New Zealand’s largest, and one of the only accessible glacial lakes containing icebergs in the world!. Kea Point is a short, sharp ascent up the Hooker Valley slopes next to the Mueller Lake and gives the best valley overlook without much effort. It’s only from the air that you can view the intricacies and natural structures that are formed on the glaciers including; turquoise blue pools of water and crevasses which slicing deep and the fracturing of rock and ice in the ablation zones. Welcome to New Zealand’s dramatic mountain country and Aoraki/Mount Cook area; enjoy spectacular views from the air, feel the ice crunch underfoot as you walk on the Tasman Glacier and hear the groan and grind of this massive moving river of ice. Glacier Explorers operates from the start of September to the end of May. The park has walking tracks for all skill and fitness levels—the Blue Lakes trail is good for beginners, while the up-glacier hikes are recommended for more seasoned hikers. Glacier Kayaking, Southern Alps Guiding, Aoraki Mt Cook Guiding Company, Tasman Glacier Skiing, Tasman Glacier Heli Skiing and Heli Hiking are based in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. We arrived on a foggy day and stayed as long as it took until the sun was out and we could do the glacier hike. World’s most scenic Journeys; Tranzalpine by Highway or Railway? Which is therefore another reason to come for star gazing in the summer or autumn as less snow on the ground means less light can be reflected back into the dark sky. The rifleman, New Zealand’s smallest bird. Length Of Walk – 500 m one way, about 15 minutes.. The Hooker Valley trail will take you one hour to walk from the car park to Hooker Lake, which is the trail end. In fact it’s so dark here, that just the smallest slither of moon light can blotch out the faint light of distant stars. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The trailhead starts from Tasman Glacier Car Park, just 15 minutes from Mount Cook Village, and there’s generally plenty of parking space. Allow approx 2.5 hours total per trip - (60 minutes on the lake). From the car park, walk past the Blue Lakes shelter and continue up past the Blue Lakes to a viewpoint on the moraine wall. Google Coordinates:-43.698012, 170.163101. Although its upper reaches are snow-covered, rocks carried by the glacier are exposed by ablation along its course, and … It’s approximately eight kilometres away from Mount Cook Village. Get my FREE Travel Packing Checklist by subscribing to email! Tasman Glacier Valley Tours ... PO Box 32 Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park NZ 7946.

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