redoing stairs that are plywood

It consists of a Retrotread and then I glued assorted sizes of red oak boards to the far side of it. So…I just left the holes as is! I’m trying to find tread caps but they are double what you said you got them for. I thought I might have to touch the wood putty with the stair stain to make it much but it wasn't necessary. It is hard to tell from the picture, how much overhang there was. How to Recover Stair Treads. You did such a fantastic job. Stairs are a complex system comprised of many elements—treads, risers, balusters, railing, and more. Retro-fitting stair treads is the simplest solution for a DIY’er intent on installing hardwood treads over an existing flight of stairs. I have been told that they have gone up in price since I bought them. Amazing amazing job, the stairs look just stunning. How did you remove the over hang on your stairs? Does your stain say that it recommends a top coat for protection? I never have enough coasters. I removed a thick carpet pad and also carpet so the cap that I was adding, was a wash, in my opinion. I ended up not putting a top coat on since these stairs didn't see much traffic and we had enough animals and I was sure they would track through it while the several coats were drying. I would clean the risers first. Yes, we did use poly and I have pets, too. It has taken a lot of patience and planning. You can buy it to match perfectly with your stain. Did you have to trim off a piece of the tread for the retro tread to fit? ( ROUNDED ON PINE, SQUARED ON PLY). I also live in Florida. To stain, I used painters tape and taped off the treads and went over and over them a few times to make sure there was a good seal: You can see why I wouldn’t recommend priming or painting first – the stain got on some of the risers as I worked. "Thanks, Amazing job! :). You can see (above) where I started to work at the overspray on the steps with my little handheld sander: I used a 50 grit paper and it really was knocking it down – it was just going to take forever and a day. A plywood stair is not worth finishing in my opinion. I'm also thinking about painting my subloor in another room, which my neighbors think I'm nuts for even thinking about it! Learn how to rip up that carpet on your stairs and reveal (or create) the beautiful hardwood that's been hiding underneath. I already had a power miter box saw, too. keep in mind, I'll (wife) be doing most of the work, so please go easy on me! It's SO WORTH it! I took a chance doing that and never regretted it. Good luck to you on your stairs! If you have time to answer, please swing by my blog and drop me a line! I was worried that the boards might stain differently than the Retrotread but it was a perfect match. Online at Home Depot right now for $21.57 and free shipping! Did you use polyurethane after this particular stain? And I love,love the family pictures with the saying on the wall, beautiful! It's the perfect easy wreath for Christmas.... We recently created a faux fireplace mantel surround for our bedroom. Reply. It may seem daunting to use a table saw for your plywood crosscuts at first, but the good news is it’s easier than you think and this guide is here to take you through the basics. I ended up using one stair tread, two red oak boards that were 12 or 14 inches wide and a smaller one that was 2 or 3 inches wide. Then, I installed it as one large piece. If I want to use the scenic stick-ons where the risers are do you think I could just put them over the existing stair risers or is it better to add the risers and then the stick-ons? If so, what poly do you recommend? I think the adhesive was $5 a can/tube. I have the same carpeted stairs with an over hang. First, I put on all the risers, DO NOT DO THIS. I also bought more painter’s tape. About to remove carpet from staircase and plan to stain the pine treads, paint risers white. !~Enjoy your week~. It kept me from feeling overwhelmed by the staining. 18 Easy DIY Projects That You Can Do This Weekend! also blog about the painting here here stairs were stained but they got messed up when we renovated and I was looking for a change. But, I'm not an expert on why they didn't scratch. Very disappointing because I really wanted to do this same project. So the carpeting from the bonus room came through the doorway and covered the overhang of the top step. Now seeing what you've done, I'm much more determined to give it a try myself! 47 Posts . So in the picture above, all those risers were ripped out, and mdf breaks when pried. I appreciate the time and effort it took to re-do those stairs! In all fairness though, these stairs didn't get a lot of foot traffic. A while ago, we decided to redo stairs in the main part of the house: you know, rip up the carpet and have hardwood stairs! I don't have any pictures of what the riser looked like under the carpet. New Stair Treads in No Time—Here’s How to Do It … By Matt Weber. Anyway, how are you liking it so far? Totally off the subject. Thanks, I am wondering if simply painting bottom of stair and perhaps sanding of course, would work. I was so excited to see that you did this because I was actually just trying to convince my husband of the same exact project! Hope that helps. You can use woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. did you also have to buy the stair tread nosing, or just the stair tread? Yes, this is a pain, but, it’s really important for smoothing out imperfections in the wood. My concern is putting boards down on top of the plywood and having one taller step followed by a shorter step. I hope that helps. This carpet is from 1996 so it MUST go before we even move in. I tried to take a photo, but it looked horrible as they are the original wood stairs and need to be refinished, but do an online image search for wood stairs. @Michelle I got this from DuraSeal's website It can be used with or without a finish coat, and is compatible with all DuraSeal® water-borne and oil-modified finish systems. It is not unusual to save thousand of dollars. The 2 best solutions for basement stairs are: 1) carpet and 2) hardwood/wood…or even better a combo of these two – wood plus a carpet runner. I just read your post today (3/7/12) about how well your projects have held up and it lead me here. I’ve only finished pulling up 5 stairs so far. I wonder what minx stain is similar to the Dura Seal you used. Remodeling stairs with NuStair is a straight forward and simple process that can usually be completed in about one day. Thanks for sharing! If it weren't for the landing, I would have been finished in a weekend. I am sure you could install them and then stain them but I had a cat who regularly climbs the stairs so I wanted them dry before I installed them. Is it easily scratched or pretty resistant? If I ever do laminate, I am going with new one that said it was water proof, I think! So glad I found this post! Hope that help! Did you buy them in the store and is that why yours were less expensive? I made sure they wouldn't have any super rough spots but I didn't spend hours sanding them ultra smooth. So let’s break it down, shall we? Just curious, do you have a 1/2 wall to the upper level? Practical and Inexpensive Basement Stair Ideas: Redoing basement stairs isn’t difficult or time consuming! Thanks for any help you can offer. You can purchase pre-cut stair risers for about $10 each or save some money and cut your own. Get Ready With These Lovely Ideas. Besides to build a standard set of hardwood stairs probably costs four times more that taking your existing stairs and changing carpet stairs to hardwood steps, in a wood species to compliment the balance of your home decorating. Not that I am surprise! I already had a power miter box saw, too. Thank you, I'll try something, but I know it will be very hard to take the old carpet off, maybe have to take the stairs off and put new ones.. Stacy I just looked them up online at Lowes and the ones I think you used are almost $32 each. taller than the stair tred. Mr. Another factor for us, was the fact that only one bedroom was up these stairs. We have already done that to ours (with a semi-gloss white) and I don't think I'm a huge fan of how it looks...let's just say I'm not sold. You can get it from Amazon. Ever since I bought my house in 2009 I wanted wood stairs but could not afford a contractor. Those are what decides how high the steps are. I am impatient as well but aren't you glad you waited and had them turn out so so so beautiful! Absolutely! I found it in odd places for a while: I actually had started priming some of the risers (the parts that go up) before they finished sanding. You inspire me. I bought tread at a local lumber yard that has been in business for about a hundred years for approximately $2.00 a foot. Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. Stair treads are the surface of the stair that supports the feet as you climb the stairs. I found this video, which was helpful. but you have inspired me to rip my yucky carpet up from under our dining room table and refinish that floor. $60 Carpet to Hardwood Stair Remodel You just put the mdf right over the existing riser after you install the tread. We didn't build our house, but the previous owner did leave pictures of it being built..I might have to see if my stairs had round edges! Kim and Scott had a staircase dilemma. I wanted to make sure I didn’t dream up the beautiful wood steps with the rounded edges: Next step was getting up the nerve to rip up the carpet. I figured out how we would get up and down the steps, but I didn’t factor in the three fat cats that live in this house. The cheapest I found were $50 each even at Lowe’s...Any tips? Refinishing an Hardwood Staircase: This is an adventure in refinishing my hardwood staircase, told by an amateur artist and homeowner. I have a similar photo on my blog from where my fat cat walked in the paint. Last week I pulled the carpet upstairs because although hardwood isn't in the budget right now it was just plain yuck. I know nothing about carpentry so do not wish to tear stairs apart to redo things, nor can I afford to spend a fortune to pay a pro to do it. They look absolutely AMAZING. My carpet is already off. I have a classic 80's home setup. Good Luck!! So, it's certainly possible to do the work yourself, just make sure you don't need the stairs for awhile :0. I used a power miter box saw. I want you to use and copy my ideas! We floundered a bit in figuring it ou… If I changed that room to hardwood then I was going to need to problem solve that top step. Hello! : You have to look to see them, and I was sure to soak each hole with stain so you couldn’t see bare wood at all. What kind of saw did you use? If you draw the step going up, then across, then up, etc, you can get an idea of how much space would be needed. Refinishing an Hardwood Staircase: This is an adventure in refinishing my hardwood staircase, told by an amateur artist and homeowner. even a subfloor painted looks better than stained carpet any day in my book! Beautiful stairs! This looks fantastic! You show some stained and unstained on stairs. We floundered a bit in figuring it ou… Happy Holidays! Just food for thought…. Since the carpet wrapped over my top step, I didn't need any transition strip. They look fantastic! Was wondering if you could give me some advice. On this episode of our 100+ year old farm house restoration we are refinishing the stairs. I have a very unhandy husband so most of our home renovations and decorating is up to me. I'VE MADE SEVERAL DRIED FRUIT GARLANDS FOR CHRISTMAS, BUT THIS ONE MAY BE MY FAVORITE BECAUSE IT'S... Don't throw out your hanging light fixture the next time you are doing renovations. What type of nails did you use & are they visible? It matched the stain and wasn't very noticeable. (I read every single one. When I laid the red oak boards avialble at Lowes, they were 1/16? Osb Oriented Strand Board Sub Flooring :), Jennifer, the plank flooring is on the landing. I remember buying a lot of sanding sponges, not sure how many I bought. Hope that helps. Thank goodness. Many homes in my area have it; the split foyer staircase. Remodelaholic Diy Plywood Flooring Pros And Cons Tips. I don't live at that house any longer so I am working from memory. I don't think I had that problem. I used a Swiffer with Orange Glo wood cleaner. My overhang is still there but when I added the riser it became less noticeable and the caps have an front edge that comes down and pretty much hides the overhang. Did you have that issue? Does anyone have any ideas to close the gap so that it looks better? I hope this helps those of you who are thinking about trying it out! We had a great many holes to fill. It's time was up and it needed to go. The finish nailer didn't leave big holes, just tiny ones that I filled in with dark colored wood putty. There are just setting in place. I used red oak boards from the lumber aisle at Home Depot or Lowes and I was shocked at how well they matched the Retrotread. I bought mine at Lowes. Hope your experience is a good one. Thank you for the excellent photos and explanations. The white wood that runs along the side was there already when the stairs were carpeted. Mine are 85 lbs, 90 lbs and 120 lbs Golden Retriever. I wish you the best of luck with your project! My question is the landing. Thanks for reading! I would ask someone in the flooring dept of a hardware store and they can probably steer you in the right direction. Carpeted Stairs To Wood Sanding The Redoing That Are Plywood Diy. This takes about 11 feet of floor space. For now, you don’t really notice it, so I’m not going to worry about it. (my miter box was old and only cut like 6 inches across. When I first put the caps on, I thought the glue looked so thick and strong that I didn't nail them down. My bottom step was going to be high and my too step was shorter. :), That was quite a project. plus check out our favorite featured staircases and then 25 Great Staircases and Entries.And now that you’ve got stair envy… Here’s Stacy to share her carpet-to-wood stair remodel (you might remember her $20 board and batten kitchen island — Stacy knows how to stretch a dollar!). On the landing, I sanded down one of the planks with my little mouse sander a bit, and wish I hadn’t: Sometimes my sander does this and it drives me mad. Once the two coats were dry, I continued on the other risers with the primer and paint. It's noisy with both machines running, so wear ear plugs. I found that it seemed to be a good thing to have the riser sit on top as extra insurance. This year, I'm going full-Boho for my Christmas decor.... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. You could “finish” them…with the intent of replacing in the future with a real wood stair….but if you go to sell your house…the buyer will consider a plywood stair as subfloor material….and unfinished. :). Your post is exactly what I need except for one thing. Reply. The main causes of squeaking stairs are the shrinkage of the timber treads over time, and general wear and tear. I think that is still a good deal. I also know for certain my steps don't have this potential under the carpet, your builder did you a solid! These stairs are beautiful but the poly that I planned to add, I never did. I can appreciate all your hard work. I don’t mind it, but I may pull it up to see what the edge of the flooring looks like there. For many years, I didn't polyurethane. At first, I didn’t add the poly then several years later, we put our house up for sale and we hired a company to do some painting and we had them add a coat of poly. Source: website. I'm in the process converting our stairs to wood from carpet. The gun was $20 and I bought several cans/tubes of flooring adhesive but only used 2. But it didn't take long and some treads loosened and came off. Thanks. Stain is easier to cover with primer and paint than paint is to cover with stain. I did have to buy an extra large caulking gun to apply the heavy duty floor adhesive. Thanks for the inspiration! So maybe a super shiny poly would have made a difference. I have a back stairway that I plan to one day rip the carpet from...but first I want to hardwood the floors in the room at the top of the stairs...gonna be expensive...yikes! If I had done the whole thing myself, it would have been a week or two, but that’s only because I’m completely nuts impatient. This wreath is so easy to make and smells so delicious! However, the problem isn't always easy to solve. I'll be linking your amazing stairs. I totally wish I had stairs now (I live in a one floor day!) The little "vignette" on the wall is adorable too! We were talking of moving and my oldest son said, "What! What internet did you buy them from? Huge almost 1 inch gaps so stair skirt would be best … We cut our own out of thin plywood and that only cost about $20. Hello! NOT the red oak they are more $$. Because I had help, I was at the mercy of their schedules a bit. I had recently seen a photo on Instagram of a home with beautiful mosaic stars stair wraps and was... We have the world's ugliest stairwell that USED to have a ceiling mount fixture. Sorry, but I don't know anything about these terms. where or what site did you get your treads? The burned out... Quarantine 2020 has turned into Home Renovation Quarantine for us. I love the end result.They do make an already tinted putty to fill in those holes. You did a fantastic job. Thank you! Topped with moulding? They look fabulous. Would love to hear more details about how you did the landing! A stair cap covers them completely, no worries about how awful they look. Looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing your trials and errors right along with your successes! This is great information. I am SO HAPPY I found this page today!!! @Ijensen You really sound like you are good to go! Brian Williams says: November 20, 2017 at 11:45 am It could but it’s not going to look as nice as hardwood. This was the stain that I used and I love how it came out. Have you gotten any nicks or chunks of wood get knocked off? Staining Stairs Process. We used it after we laid our wood floors and it works great. Since we moved into our house, we have wanted to remove the carpet from our stairs and paint them. We had the treads custom-made because more than half of them are pie-shaped. I always use a can/bottle opener with the pointy side to get under those carpet staples and pop them up. Washington DC area. I want to do this for our stairs, but am kinda of afraid of the cost. I like how the previous homeowners transitioned this area. I wanted to share with you how I painted a faux rug on our front steps. If I hadn’t remembered those edges from when we built the house, I probably wouldn’t have attempted this project. Since it is almost always hot there, we didn't have a lot of sock-footed traffic on the stairs. Although after living with the stairs for a while now, I think I will go ahead and do a coat of poly over them anyway, to add a bit more of a glossy sheen. It looks like the white wood wall/stair trim was done first and then the treads and risers. After watching them in action I’m very happy we hired that portion out. My brother-in-law is a building contractor and he asked me how much I spent on the project and I said, "I think around $400 or so..." He said if he was hired to take a carpet stairway to hardwoods, he would charge around $10,000. Did you have to cut the existing stair tread flush with the riser? Tired of spending a lot of money on charger plates? I wasn't happy with most of the affordable ones I... Hey it's Jess from Jessica Welling Interiors! I have one step that looks like a piece of pie as it is in a curve section. I'm thinking about doing it to the wooden pieces of my stairs as well as handrail (you can see what my stairs look like on my blog-just posted some before/afters of painting we just did). Could you have just painted them instead? The fan helped deter them a bit, but I did find these on the landing one night: Isn’t that the cutest little paw print ever? I am not sure because of how they would look from below. Have a highly utilized stair in your home that needs new flooring? I think that socks on stairs can be dangerous, either wood or carpet. Use duck tape or something to get it to work, or buy a different sander or shop vac. Good luck! your stairs are gorge! One time I stained a two wood crates using the Duraseal on one and Minwax on the other. Crossing fingers that it’s not plywood there! So I have decided to install Bruce Traffic zone laminate planks. :DMakes me wish I could rip the carpet off the stairs in this house! I think you should ask an install professional about this. But let me get this straight. Sorry for the huge comment. My stairs are oak and I would love to have mahogany, but that might have to wait a bit, we're about to start a master bath re-do ...on the cheap! Kim and Scott had a staircase dilemma. It felt like it took months for this to get completed, but it was really only a few weeks! At the time we lived here, since it was Florida, we didn't have a lot of shoe traffic. Their 120 year old Chicago home's stairs had seen better days. I would guess around a three foot square. This is the first time I've visited your blog. [email protected] How to Replace Stair Carpet With Paint. In case anybody is reading all these comments: (;->) When I have to hand sand inside I hook my shop vac up to the sander and it sucks almost all of the sawdust up. Also, the stain finish was so pretty, I didn't want nail holes and putty to ruin how perfect they looked. Thanks Stacy. (I have animals, so I would hope it is durable) What about the slip proof product you applied-how is that working? Source: website. This process took a while, but the planning before that took a good year – I took my time deciding what to do. Any thoughts or suggestions? Be kind to yourself and have the lumber yard cut it for you….. The holes give it character, at least that’s what I say! You said in the article… “These stairs are beautiful but the poly that I planned to add, I never did.” But later in the question-and-answer portion you say that you did use poly. After you placed the caps, do the risers sit on top of the caps or just behind it with the cap pushed up against it? Your landing looks good. I went to Lowes to look at their stair treads, and found what you are talking about. I had tools to remove the carpet and I already had a power miter box, a nail gun and finishing nails to attach the treads. Wow! I came across your blog by accident and I am so glad I did. Great job! I was not so lucky to have the rounded edges or good quality of wood, just basic builders wood....but I made it work. I have been wanting to do this forever! Thanks for all the tips! I also have a landing but the front door opens on it. Did you clear coat the risers at all to protect them? Beautiful stairs - congrats! But since I was removing a thick carpet pad and thick carpet, I never felt like any steps were off or too tall or too short. $60 Carpet to Hardwood Stair Remodel Hardwood is too expensive. @Helene Katz The riser was pressed plywood, I believe and the tread was a super thick board that you can see in some of the pictures. I did find a laminate option at Lumber Liquidators... I think now that the demand for these has increased so has the price unfortunately! I didn't really spend a lot of time on them unless there was a chunk of spackle that would make a bump. I think we ended up boarding our animals for 24 hours and doing the poly while they were gone. Those are beautiful! Their 120 year old Chicago home's stairs had seen better days. This was several years ago and I got the Retrotreads on Clearance... At that time they were much cheaper than they are today, but I would say that all in was less than $500. If you decrease the height of the risers, you have to add another step or two which means your bottom step will be further away from your current bottom step. 3/4 inches high . @Jazzrules2 I am sure you can. I always worry that the stuff you buy at the hardware store doesn't wear as well as what the pros use. It consists of a Retrotread and then I glued assorted sizes of red oak boards to the far side of it. See more ideas about Stairs, Redo stairs, Home. Looks incredible! There is about a 1 inch gap and I am just not sure what I would do about that? Maranda says. A little bit went a long way. Installing Stair Risers Recap: If you are not blessed with great looking stair risers, buy a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 1/4″ plywood. I don’t know what they used or how it worked out because it sold right away and the new owners truly could not get us out quick enough! Thank you. How much did it cost you for whole project? I just stumbled upon this--great post! I am redoing the 'basement' of my trilevel, including replacing old carpet with Allure vinyl plank. Also, the floor adhesive was pretty thick and I applied a generous amount so that also allowed for some forgiveness here. All of them teenagers. It looks so fabulous! I only used part of this can. Correct? Keep in mind that your steps go through a rectangular hole in the floor/ceiling. It is more expensive than buying regular stair treads because it is saving you some time and effort using this prefab method. Many years ago, I created a post where I took the carpet off my stairs and updated them with Retro... if you are a wood dining table lover, this project is definitely the one you are looking for. See more ideas about stairs, stair makeover, staircase makeover. At the edge of each step, I tore off little pieces of the tape to go around each tread: I did two coats on each of the stairs. This part was the hardest for me though – sawdust was EVERYWHERE. Nice job!! Lots of scraping and lots of painting. If you have to repair the upstairs subfloor AND REBUILD (remove the OSB and then lay down NEW PLYWOOD on) the stairs you are in for a MASSIVE bill. If you do add the Polycrylic, you may want to consider a stair runner because this could make the stairs a little slick. I didn't cut them flush. You sound like you have problem solved your way through all the visible issues and that means should you ready for anything unseen. :), I would do it at the end of the night so you don’t have to go up or down at all. (I found a product that you can add over it to make it slip-proof, so I’ll let you know how that goes.). But it was rather square. I didn't keep a running total on most of the items. When I finished painting my upstairs hallway floor I really wanted to try painting a faux rag rug,... A big home fashion trend just now is faux fur rugs. I did this probably around 5 years ago (maybe more)... and when I found that at Lowes, they were on clearance. I know one of the comments said they put laminate on their stairs and loved it. With the sanding, take out all traces of the existing finish. I can not wait to do my steps!!! [email protected] I love, love your stairs. Paint the surface of the plywood stairs, both the tread and the riser, with a coat of all-in-one paint and primer. I hope that helps! I am suspecting though that there is ugly wood under my carpet...... What product did you put on your stair so they werent slippery. I know someone posted that they now cost $10 more each. I figured they would look fantastic, I just wanted to make sure they would be safe. Yours turned out just beautiful!!! If that makes sense... Can you provide the source for the risers? How many retro treads did u end up needing? So many questions!! Yes, I did have to trim each retro tread to fit and every one was slightly different. We are restoring our foyer and refinishing our stairs soon and your before and after pictures are an inspiration. And how much were the threads? Drooling! Maybe ask a professional in the flooring department. Check out my step-by-step tutorial so that you can redo your own stairs with minimal work and maximum effect! The tread(s) can start to rub against the top of the riser causing a squeaking or creaking noise. They have them in beadboard and in regular plain boards, that's what I used. What type of poly finish did you use on top of the stain? I see the Retro treads now are $10 more than what I paid five years ago but still a good buy in my book. We did all the stairs demo ourselves but we hired a stair company to add all the treads and risers for us. After removing the burgundy carpet that covered the stairs when they purchased the home (and undertaking a rather large renovation that included opening up the entryway), the treads and risers were chipped, pitted, and covered with cracked paint. I pulled my carpet up last year and painted my steps white. If you can look under the stairs, you will see what is called a "riser". There was an addition (back bedroom and bathroom) put on when the house was refurbished shortly before Hur… I have floating stairs and want to get rid of the carpet - would this work on them? one. Also, do they get scratched up a lot? Apply paint around the four edges of each tread and riser then paint the center. You might want to consider a chair lift on your stairs. I had the paper to tape off the steps. I hear you can purchase wood treads at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot and install them over rough wood. refinished treads and risers did you also do that in the whole process of redoing the stairs? To me, the most important little tool is the tack cloth because even after vacuuming and cleaning the stairs I still got a huge amount of lint on the cloth. Also, getting contractor to make steps deeper which should help. Actually, the floor adhesive that I used might have been thicker than the glue for the carpet. Dec 12, 2019 - Explore Rae Simpson's board "Redoing stairs" on Pinterest. I know that it was a lotta hard work...and if it were me, it would have really tested my patience levels...but it paid off in the end, didn't it? It is plywood and the stairs are nice hardwood. I don't have the receipts but I would guess the entire project came to slightly less than $500. We are moving in a couple of months and will be house hunting in a couple of weeks, very exciting since we have been living in apartments the last 5 years.

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