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The Little Boy haunts the 12th floor. Congress Hotel Chicago Haunted 2018 World S Best Hotels Congress plaza hotel haunted chicago frightfind congress plaza hotel 12th floor you the king of haunted chicago ghosts congress plaza hotel congress hotel ghosts just the facts mysterious chicago tours. Step 1 : Introduction to the question " In our list of 10 of the most haunted cities to spend a weekend, we discover the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, reported to be overflowing with ghosts. "...1. See original pics - learn ghostly secrets. Located directly across the iconic Millennium Park, and sitting on Chicago’s illustrious Michigan Avenue, the Congress Plaza Hotel is covered in elegance, luxury and history. By the way: My favorite “death” story there isn’t ghost related: in 1928, G. Herb Palin, the sloganeer who coined the phrase “safety first” died there. Many memorable interviews, caucuses, and deliberations were staged here. (edit to add, 8/2015): HOWEVER, I did have to think of Peg Leg Johnny when I read about Conway, the One-Legged Killer Clown, who was never seen again after escaping from prison in 1925. Haunted Chicago. It’s like an ancient toilet burial ground down there. One of Chicago's oldest and largest hotels, The Congress is also one of the most haunted as well. If you search "Chicago Haunted Hotel" tons of different stories and theories will come up. R.H. Southgate was the hotel’s developer but the first section of the hotel was designed by Clinton Warren. Rates for rooms are not outrageous and you can spend as much time as you want to catch pictures of ghosts. I booked a night in the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago. I’ve got no respect for teams who think that running around with an EMF meter and taking pictures of “orbs” is a substitute for doing your homework. Original Material. Covert Narcissist Signs You are Dealing with a Master Manipulator/Lisa A Romano Podcast - Duration: 26:01. "Masterful Sleuthing" - NYT Bestselling author Steve Hodel, We haven't restarted in-person tours yet, and don't plan to this year. 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Peacock Alley The Congress is just up the road from the site of a murder he was linked to, so, hey, why not? Lately I’ve heard a lot of stories about room 441 being the most haunted, but those are of fairly recent vintage – for a long time they’d just come up with a random room when you used which was the most haunted (though since this post was first published I think they’ve settled on 441, after it was written about a few times and a ghost tour company started staring their tours in the lobby). Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc. Show less. What about Room 441? Frankly, you show me a researcher who concludes that, and I’ll show you an idiot. Visit The Shared Wall on now! The door was sealed and papered over. I’m gonna go with a HELL YES on that. And the MOST HAUNTED ROOM OF ALL #441. They were refugees from Prague; Adele was afraid they were going to be sent back and had a nervous breakdown. Check out the new, Where Was HH Holmes? I have to say meh. The eighth floor has no room 873 despite the floors above and below having a room 73. But, over the years, it has also become known as the most haunted hotel on Michigan Avenue, and maybe even the most haunted space in all of the Windy City. The story was widely reported in the press at the time; the only real confusion is whether the driving factor behind Adele’s breakdown was fear of being sent back to Nazi rule or oppression at the hands of German Americans. Read about the Congress Plaza Hotel, one of Chicago’s most haunted places. Disconnected equipment is said to start itself up. The 12 th floor of the North Wing has been reported as the most haunted area of the hotel. Deb June 28, 2016. But in that period of time I got to know the history and ghost lore of the place pretty darned well. Reported to be the most haunted hotel in Chicago, it was built to house the travelers attending the 1893 world's fair and also served as the hotel for the first annual Chicago ghost conference. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Well, that’s a pretty decent cheat sheet if you’re googling around looking for ghost stories about the place. "Comprehensive." Blood on wall? I chose this particular hotel because it was close to a race I would be running in the morning. January 23, 2013 Jacob Rice. The ghost of the famed Lady in Red still creeps around the hotel, nearly 100 years after her tragic death on New Year’s Eve. This one gets reported by guests a lot – a shadowy figure who shows up and, for some reason, scared the crap out of people. The first thing we checked out was the 12th floor. The stories that one room is so haunted they had to seal it shut probably grew from the old stories about room 666 being sealed off (really, there’s an office where room 666 would be). The boy is supposed to haunt the 12th floor, and is presumed to be the ghost of Karel Langer, a 6 year old who was thrown out the window by his mother, Adele, along with his brother, Jan Tommy, in the late 1930s. 18 Mystery 12th Floor Room - Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago, Illinois Room 441 is said to receive more calls of the spooky variety than any other room. It was originally called the Auditorium Annex and it opened just in time for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and thousands of people thronged to visit the hotel. Is it really the most haunted hotel room in America? The creepiest floor is the 12th in the north tower, back staircase by the sealed room is very scary to the roof. Room 441 is notorious as the most haunted room in the hotel, bring a oujia board. Recommended for you Some people believe him to be Conway, a one-legged killer clown who in 1912 was arrested for murder just feet away from the hotel. Let’s get the big questions out of the way first. The author of more than 20 books, he is frequently seen on The History Channel, The Travel Channel, and more. Located on South Michigan Avenue, the hotel … Never owned the hotel and never lived there – stories that he did are confusing the place with the Metropole and the Lexington. For a time I was able to take tour groups in here regularly, but those days are over; they’re much less free with letting groups past the lobby anymore (and refused to let the show I filmed a segment for there on Friday talk about anything to do with ghosts – they’re less open to this sort of thing now than they used to be). Having published that last article on the truth about the “Hand of Mystery,” I see that there are a LOT of web pages about ghosts at the Congress Hotel. America’s first serial killer, Dr. H.H. Sep 1, 2017 - Removed rooms? If you’re serious about looking for ghosts, remember what Indiana Jones said: we cannot take mythology at face value. There are stories about the adjacent kitchen area, though. That happened to me once, too. King himself never mentions the hotel in his intro to “1408;” he just says that it’s his attempt at the old “haunted room at the inn” story that every horror writer should try out eventually. Congress Plaza Hotel – Haunted View from 12th Floor Congress Plaza Hotel – Haunted View from 12th Floor. Several security guards say they’ve seen it, and several employees have felt as though they were being chased down the hall. - Booklist (starred review) The author of more than 20 books, he is frequently seen on The History Channel, The Travel Channel, and more. They actually host a Haunted Halloween Ball at the Congress at 520 Michigan Avenue. The Gold Room See here. The tunnel connecting the place to the Auditorium Theatre has been bricked off for years; one guard and I had a plan to bust into it with sledgehammers for a while. What’s great about the Congress Hotel, one of the most haunted in Chicago, is you can go there, rent a room and stay the night. Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler served as consultants during the building phase. What’s great about the Congress Hotel, one of the most haunted in Chicago, is you can go there, rent a room and stay the night. Many guests have reported sightings and weird noises on the floor. Most of them appear to be the stories I’ve been telling about the place for the last several years after having gone through about five rounds of a game of “telephone.”  One could look at it as an object lesson about just how little research most web pages and TV shows do on the ghost stories they tell. I got the chance to stay the night at Chicago's most haunted hotel, the Congress ... to the 12th floor … The nightmare angle might be used to explain why it scares people so much; I’ve been on plenty of ghost investigations where we see a weird shadow, and when you actually see them, the typical response is, “Oh, there goes one now!” Not the screaming hysterics one sees on TV. A few workers have told me, back as far as 2006, that they’ve seen a guy with a peg leg lurking around the south tower. The Sealed Room It should come as no surprise whatsoever that the hotel is a hub of paranormal activity if you have taken a look at the hotel’s history. Who is haunting the Congress? Given his connection to nearby buildings I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he came in to look around or have a drink when it first opened, but there’s never been any data unearthed connecting him to the place, but he wasn’t in town all that long after it was opened, and stories that he used to meet potential victims in the lobby are firmly in the realm of fiction. CHICAGO, IL — The iconic landmark Congress Plaza Hotel is considered the most haunted spot in Illinois. Lots and lots of gruesome stories can be traced to it, and ghost stories do circulate. I think that these days, every time someone calls and asks which room is the most haunted, they tell them a different room number. The 871 guest rooms and suites of The Congress Plaza Hotel are notable for providing posh accommodations—and incredible views—for visitors to Chicago. Apparently there was a room so haunted and awful on the 12th floor, that staff had to seal it away from being used. It would be a great ironic story if he fell down the stairs, but it was heart issues. The fire wasn’t the only life-taking force in the city back then. Although evidence shows that a room used to exist in the location, the staff has been instructed to not even discuss it. He probably was there a time or two and we can connect many members of his gang to it, though; some of his gang even held a guy prisoner there, probably on his orders, for a while. I also (and this is pretty critical) learned to tell when a guard was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. Holmes can be traced to a couple of buildings nearby – like, a block or two away – but there’s no evidence putting him in the hotel itself. Chicago Hotel Rooms & Suites Step Into Historic Settings With Modern Amenities Constructed during an era when it was common for Chicago’s elite to permanently reside in a hotel, the 871 rooms and suites at the Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center offer a grand bridge between The Windy City’s legendary past and cosmopolitan present. Hotel Baker. The real-life 1408 was always believed to exist on the Congress’s most haunted floor: the 12th floor of the older North Tower. Unbelieving, the young man convinces the hotel’s manager to let him have the room for a night, though the previous tenants all took their own lives during their stays in it. It’s pretty neat, though, especially if you like old mattresses and toilets. The south tower was constructed between 1902 and 1907, desig… First off is Chicago's most haunted hotel: The Congress Plaza Hotel. - See 3,407 traveler reviews, 1,625 candid photos, and great deals for The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center at Tripadvisor. Whats people lookup in this blog: Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago Haunted 12th Floor Check out the new Cemetery Mixtape podcast! When we first heard the story, a guy I was working with told me he’d found an article about a hobo with a peg leg being murdered there. The hole in the wall where it resides is not typical available to the public (and may not be entirely safe). Address: 100 W Main St, St. Charles, IL 60174, USA. Update (Aug. 12, 2015): We added links to the other investigation areas at the end of this post. We have some theories as to who it could be the ghost of, the most common of which is Captain Lou Ostheim, a Spanish American War vet who shot himself in the hotel in 1900, apparently after waking from a nightmare (though details are sketchy, and rely mainly on what the guys at the inquest landed on). (podcast). Rates for rooms are not outrageous and you can spend as much time as you want to catch pictures of ghosts. No evidence that anyone was ever walled up inside the place, and the wall in question isn’t nearly thick enough. There's a room on the 12th floor of the East Wing that is permanently sealed up due to it being so haunted that not even the cleaning staff will enter it. It started as a joke, then snowballed. The Congress Plaza Hotel has played a prominent role in some of Chicago’s most important and famous political conventions. Not a whole sonata or anything, just a couple of random notes, but a note or two is enough to give me the creeps. This comes up more than you’d think; for my filming there the other day they were doing some odd and deadly-looking chair stacking to get us seated at the right height, it was fun to point out that the guy who first said “safety first’ died in the place. The Peg Leg ghost is one of the wilder stories, but there are several first hand witnesses, which is more than you can say for a lot of better known ghosts. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Here’s the thing, though. Without any doubt, the most haunted hotel in Chicago, IL has to be The Congress Plaza Hotel – known simply as ‘The Congress’ to locals. Reports of voices in the Great Hall, numerous ghosts, and other weird occurrences. Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago Haunted 12th Floor, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Electric Underfloor Heating Wifi Thermostat. HH Holmes I do know of employees who won’t go there if they can possibly help it. Haunted hotels seem to be all over the news lately, and we’re seeing new reports and updates to existing stories happening almost every week. Post Lollapalooza? Is The Congress Hotel haunted? Peg Leg Johnny ... congress hotel chicago • congress plaza chicago • Please click those to continue reading about our ghostly encounters at the Congress Hotel. Here’s a basic rundown of some of the place’s “greatest hits”: The Little Boy See also: some other Congress posts on this blog. An unexplained temperature zone, 20 degrees cooler than the other floors. YES, I did request to stay in that room but was told the whole 4th floor was closed! More. I am staying one floor below on the 11 th floor of the North Wing. A North Side building still standing, Girl in Glass: The Inez Statue at Graceland Cemetery, New Statue Suggestion: Joseph Henry Hudlun, Revolutionary War Soldier Found at Graceland Cemetery, Louise Lindloff: The Fortune Telling Murderer, Virtual Tour Sat Mar 28, 11am: Health Scares in History, Uncollected Frederick Douglass Speech Discovered, Was John Stone Chicago’s First Serial Killer? Plenty of stories here – whispering women, humming men, phantom gunshots, and even Teddy Roosevelt (whose career died here, from a certain point of view, in 1912). Its illustrious history and many uses over the years have laden the site with the dark reputation as Chicago’s most haunted hotel, as well as one of the most haunted hotels in the country. This one is my fault. (New band name: “Ancient Toilet Burial Ground.” I call it). One guard tells me he chased it up to the roof one time. Inside the Gold Room at the Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago, Feb. 14, 2013. Ghosts aren’t circus monkeys. Disco Man “The Shadow Guy” There are occasional reports of a ghostly guy dressed up like it’s the 1920s. While the Congress Plaza Hotel reigns supreme in the world of Chicago’s haunted hotels, The Drake Hotel (140 E. Walton Place) is a strong second. Though different guards and front desk workers will tell you different things if you ask which room is the most haunted, the 12th Floor of the North Wing is pretty well agreed to be the spookiest one. On the 4th floor, guests have recalled seeing ghost children and one of the most notorious ghosts, "Peg Leg Johnny" that still haunts the room he stayed in, to this day. This is another place where there have been employees occasionally who don’t like to go near the place. 2. THE HAUNTED CONGRESS HOTEL IN CHICAGO-SEE WHAT I FOUND! But where the entrance is depends a lot on who you ask; the basement isn’t accessible to the public. On the 12th floor, there is said to be a room so frightening that the door was screwed shut from the outside, as well as elevators that run by themselves. The hotel was built to house the travelers attending the 1893 world's fair, so obviously it has seen alot. They actually host a Haunted Halloween Ball at the Congress at 520 Michigan Avenue. On the 12th floor, there's a room so haunted that the staff won't go near it. While I was working for her at one point I called Ursula on it, and she just said, “Well, it makes a good story.”  I don’t work for her anymore, and can’t imagine I ever will again (she’s way into Donald Trump these days), so I suppose I can say that now.

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