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So don’t get those confused with potato chips which are in fact crisps. Meanwhile, in Great Britain and Ireland, chips are called “crisps”, whereas French fries are called “chips”. What makes the British chip unique is the fact that it's thicker that most American fries. All rights reserved. In both processing lines, the potato chips making methods are similar. However, potatoes don’t suffice to make fries or chips. Language is fiddly, particularly around food. French fries are fried and served hot. --Here are the ingredient lists by country for French fries. So, the British ate a lot of potatoes then, as they still do. Should you wish to make the kind of British chip you’d be happy serving to the Queen, try this preposterously involved recipe from ChefSteps. Who knew there was a difference between aluminium and aluminum? Who do you think is going to win this round? These different shapes of fries are loved by Americans. When it came to eating French fries I often heard them being called chips. Author has 8K answers and 11.5M answer views. The only other thing to remember is that no one in the U.K. calls potato chips—meaning the cold, seasoned wafer-thin slices of potato in a bag—potato chips. The biscuit/cookie debate is one I feel extremely passionate about, but one which has been ignored by our governments, leaders, and dictionary writers for far too long. Now that the verdict has been easily decided, what led to all the confusion in the first place? I think, in the main, you're not going to get British-esque chips very often if you're west of the Atlantic. Even the Brits have taken to calling them fries, having been forced to do so—with some personal embarrassment—when American fast food chains first arrived in the U.K. BBC America as part of your cable package. Whatsoever may be the case, let them call whatever they want to, but a beautiful pile of long thin golden french fries or finger chips would do any day and satiate our craving for some potato indulgence. (Pic: Matt Cardy/Getty Images). You take a potato, peel it, cut it into slices, cut those slices into slivers and then deep fry them. Listen to my podcast: Fried Chicken: My FISH AND CHIPS have landed. But when an American orders what they call “fries,” what they receive could be a variety of things. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, chips compare more to American home fries, 5 Foodie Dating Sites Where You’re Guaranteed to Find Your Next Bae. In many parts of the country you will find the meal still called “fish and chips” after the British heritage. However, these things here, the golden spindly fingers that look like what happens when the potato is mashed up and squeezed through a Play Doh-sized garlic press directly into a deep fat fryer (note: don’t actually do this unless you’re wearing splashback protection), these and their curly brethren are fries. Potato Washing and Peeling Potato Slicing Potato Blanching Chips De-watering Chips Frying Fried chips De-oiling Fried chips Flavoring Fried chips Packaging: French Fries There’s some discussion as to how many times you fry them for the best results and for how long, but essentially the golden pile of hot spud fingers at the end is the same, whatever you call them. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports 9 Dishes That Will Change Your Mind, 5 British Holiday Foods Every American Should Try, 7 Quintessentially British Puddings to Try at Home This Fall, 10 of the Most Popular British Ice Creams and Ice Lollies, 10 Sets of Actors Who Have Coupled-Up On-Screen More Than Once. It could be a long golden stick of potato and varying lengths and thicknesses. Chips are thin slices of potatoes that are fried and served cold. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. Some even believe that chips compare more to American home fries instead of normal fries. FYI, this entire post is going to cause a lot of confusion, akin to whole chips/crisps/fries debacle. Even my pronunciation of words would be a little different. British English = Chips. It usually contains flour, sugar and some type of oil or fat. When growing up with a mother from England you learn a thing or two about how things work on the other side of the Atlantic. What makes the British chip unique is the fact that it's thicker that most American fries. Chips vs Fries | Travel | Military Spouse | Just new military spouse tryng to figure out life aborad one day at a time. Personality Quiz: Which British Food Should You Try? American English = Fries. this preposterously involved recipe from ChefSteps. ), which you’ll … No. BBC America's full episode service and you must have Copyright © 2010-2020 New Video Channel America, LLC. The potato chips packed in nitrogen filled bags we buy in stores are always compound potato chips. Cooking fat or oil is also needed, which were rationed and in short supply. But if you’ve been to Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack, or Jack in the Box, you know that American fries are diverse and come in many forms like waffle, crinkle cut, and curly. English chips are about 1/3 in and square, peeled and eyed. Different countries have their own definitions for crisps and chips. The main difference between the OG British chip and the American fry is the form that their potatoes take. Most people believe that potato chips were first invented by George Crum in the year of 1853. They're both long slices of potato that are lightly fried golden. See more: The Americans say zucchini (watch out for the spelling! Even your basic average-shaped American fry may not be able to achieve chip status because it's too thin and skinny. Junk Food Day: 5 Salty British Snacks Every American Should Try And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. Biscuit or Cookie? Get Traditional British Fish and Chips Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. FYI, this entire post is going to cause a lot of confusion, akin to whole chips/crisps/fries debacle. To share this on Facebook click on the link below. The main difference between the OG British chip and the American fry is the form that their potatoes take. Even your basic average-shaped American fry may not be able to achieve chip status because it's too thin and skinny. In the United States, a crisp is a fruit dessert with a sweet crumb topping, completely unrelated to potatoes. But the difference between chips vs fries was something I never understood. Steak fries are larger and cut in an oblong fashion - around 2/3 in by 1/3 in, often unpeeled and dusted with the necessary complications. So, here you can see what a lot of people know as fries or french fries, but the British, we say chips. So long as they’re relatively thick cut and never, ever curly, they’re chips. Chips or fries. Is there a difference (beside spelling) between what Americans would call a french fry and the British chip? Some may see the difference between chips vs fries, some may not, and others might not even care. Chips vs. French fries. Ask for chips in New York, and you’ll soon find a plate of what the English call crisps: Here are a few other common differences in vocabulary which you should know about: 5 British Holiday Foods Every American Should Try, Choose your provider to watch Live TV & Full Episodes. Chips are a thicker cut than french fries, they are generally cooked only once and at a lower temperature. In the UK, chips are considered a separate item to french fries. difference at all. You tryna be tricky? Chips vs. fries: the top 5 differences between American and British food vocabulary - May 22, 2013, 8:16 am Reply […] Once again, there’s a difference. Yeah, bit confusing I … USA chips vs. UK crisps. | UK -> US | Travel | Military Relationships | Foooood! See also: Popcorn White vs Yellow. How to Pronounce the Longest Place Name in the U.K. WATCH: What’s Hot in Coffee? George Crum got angry after he couldn’t please the customer, so he sliced the potatoes to the thinnest chips possible. Personality Quiz: Which British Food Should You Try? However, if you gave a British dude some delicious waffle fries and referred to them as chips, he would be deeply offended. 9 Dishes That Will Change Your Mind What we call a lift in England is an elevatorin the US, and if you’re hungry and fancy a plate of these: Then remember, they’re called chips in the UK, but fries in the US! Americans adopted the … You can tell they’re chips because they’re quite thick, they look like they were once a potato and (this is the giveaway) they’re lying next to a fried and battered fillet of fish: Now, you can take those and put them between two slices of buttered bread (a chip butty), smother them in grated cheddar (cheesy chips) or coat them in curry sauce, chippy sauce or meat gravy (the brown kind). Those are resolutely and always crisps. Junk Food Day: 5 Salty British Snacks Every American Should Try, WATCH: Think British Food is Boring? [The restaurants use non-hydrogenated vegetable oil]. In order to economize on frying oil, the British began to cut their potatoes thicker. The British government also weighed in on the Pringles question. The answer this question at its broadest, no there’s no difference at all. Great Britain and Ireland refer to potato chips as “crisps,” and fries as “chips.” In some areas, speakers of British English may talk about “chips” when they refer to thick potato wedges , and “fries” when they refer to thin potato strips, sometimes known as “ shoestring potatoes ” … As nouns the difference between chips and crisps The … An old-fashioned fish off: Wisconsin's fish fries vs. England's fish and chips. Get caught up in the latest full episodes of BBC America shows. One of his customers didn’t enjoy his thick-cut French fried potatoes, and wanted thinner ones. Some of the best things are invented by accidents. However, while all frites are french fries, not all french fries are chips, not from the British perspective at any rate. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. In many cases, Brits and Americans use completely different words to talk about the exact same thing. This is probably the case with potato chips. Fries or chips? Let’s Hit Shoreditch’s Cafés. At first glance, fries and chips look basically identical. According to the user’s comprehensive index, which is in line with British terminology, the chunky, thick, fried and floury variety should be called chips. In British English chips are fat potato sticks you eat with a burger or steak and dip in tomato sauce. I believe the full quote goes something like: Otto: No hassle. ! That email doesn't look right. Similarly, Americans would call them french fries, but British would love to call them finger chips or potato chips. But just go with it. Plus, since they're both basically the same food in a slightly different shape people generally think that chips and fries are the same thing. Chips is British English, French fries American. If you’re looking for sparkling water in Britain, ask for soda water. But have you ever thought about the true difference between chips vs fries? In England, chips as you think of them (potato chips) are called crisps, since they are crispy and fries in the elongated potato sense are called chips.British chips are usually more equivalent to American steak fries (think: biggish, bulky, smaller cousin to North American potato wedges).. So here I am, the voice of a generation, bringing it to your attention.

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