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Show the company’s accomplishments to enhance user trust. Scroll down to find out who they are, how to stay in touch and everything in between. Which is why we've created this free, easy-to-use tool that lets you instantly generate a custom About Us page for your store. There is no splash page, and no trailer video plays upon arrival, but the trailer is accessible by clicking on “videos.” The simple act of pushing a key or moving the mouse reveals a key piece of info about the brand. Each member is portrayed by a minimalist caricature that is defined by one obvious trait. In- house content editor, specialize in SEO content writing. An effective “about us” page is not just about filling a page with the brand logo, company, and team information, or sharing the company's philosophy. After all, if we’re visitng Toby’s site for the first time it’d be nice to know who the designer is. Feather and Stone relies heavily on these illustrations to express their uniqueness. 8. Since they offer wedding photography services, this is a brilliant design match. From design studios to apps and online shops, users like to browse a page to find the good old who, where, what, how information about you. We help can help your business generate more leads and sales through your website. By giving users a choice, Sulzer’s “about page” becomes more effective. © 2016 Best About Pages – Showcasing the best of the best about page examples on the web. The snowy effects, bold colors, and quirky visuals create a truly captivating experience. In any case, every resource becomes an inexhaustible well of travel inspiration. By describing its history and the companies that already invested there, such as Amazon or Volkswagen, to name a few. Most company websites have the same six main global navigation options: Home, Products or Services, About Us, Contact Us, … This is quite obvious! What's more, you can get design and marketing services that will cover all of your digital needs. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.The different areas of web design include web graphic design; user interface design (UI design); authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design (UX design); and search engine … The entire Girlboss website is simply inspiring. Your homepage design should facilitate this transition by providing intuitive navigation and a sense of how your website flows. After years in the web hosting industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average Jane or Joe to create their own website. An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. But it’s the About section that introduces you to the team that makes this website an endless source of inspiration. DoomTree’s page starts off as a coming-of-age story about how “a mess of friends” built the record label that made them a household name in Minneapolis. There’s still something to be said about it since that’s still where users spend most of their time. Save 70% to get an all-in-one online design tool. The company makes leather upholstery for cars and trains, and its history and trajectory are equally fascinating. Especially one that starts with “I was born in good ol’ Madison, Wisconsin. Eventually, it became a place for inspiration with a growing team that’s eager to question everything. Since the main content of a restaurant is their food - or at least it should be - there is no no better thing to do than showing a beautiful image of the food... and that is what we will show at this … The great attention to detail and interactivity also reflect the company’s 16 years of experience. An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. As a result, it’s just as inspiring as their devotion to sustainable change. . Furthermore, every bit of content you’ll find on this site oozes with passion, humor, and resourcefulness. The page, while minimalist in design, offers a glimpse into Suárez’s colorful personality and his impressive block of work. Check out these 25 awesome examples that make a great impression on visitors. This “about us” page is dominated by grey tones, it clearly shows us the company's brand story, value, and real data support. Tumblr's "about us" page is standardized, with attention-grabbing rotating images behind a logo. That doesn’t mean that the fold is the be-all and end-all of your page. There are many things we love about this website, but for brevity’s sake we’ll narrow it down to two. You need to think of the team and the product as a whole in order to present a unique style imbued with personality that will make your design stand out in a user’s mind. The information layout is done smoothly, sharing the company philosophy and how it operates. First impressions matter and your website needs to dress to impress. [email protected], Handoff PS designs with accurate specs, assets & code snippets, Export wireframes and prorotypes from Axure, Handoff Sketch designs with accurate specs, assets & code snippets, Handoff XD designs with accurate specs, assets & code snippets, Gather & Manage All Related PRDs, Hi-Fi Designs & Prototypes in One Project, 6 Free Quick Wireframe Tools For UI/UX Designers in 2019, Top 6 Free Website Mockup Tools for Your Next Design Project, 20 Best Login Page Examples and Responsive Templates [FREE DOWNLOAD], Top 22 Free Online Portfolio Websites to Create Perfect UX/UI Design Portfolios, Top 15 Android UI Design Tools That Designers Should Not Miss, Top 22 Free Dashboard Design Examples, Templates & UI Kits for You, Learn design and collaboration in 3 minutes, Get the basics to start prototyping Web and Apps, This "about us" page of Feather and Stone. While he proudly states the companies he has worked for (IKEA is just one of the bigger names to pop up) he does so in a manner that is not boastful. Unfortunately, this area is a missed opportunity on many university sites, with too much content that is dull, uninformative, and feel… We were born in different cities, at different times, we love different music, food, movies. We deliver a nice website design and execute digital marketing campaigns that lead to the success of the clients. began in 2005. Restaurant websites are a great place to find inspiring images and also to check out some nice ways of disposing photographs in a website. © 2014-2020 Mockplus Software Co.,Ltd. An About Us page is your chance to tell the world: Who you are. A visitor often look for these pages to get idea about the website. This website started off as a photography blog founded by Garance Doré. This page has a unique feel, thanks to the deconstructed action figures representing the founders, Leigh Whipday and Jonny Lander. The latest news at the bottom of the page helps keep readers on site. Find out by reading more about the fund’s members and how they contributed to its growth. They may go by different labels—“About”, “Story”, “Mission”—but these types of pages generally serve the same key purpose: to be the go-to page for a … You can customize the website templates any way you like, all these free website templates have been coded in CSS. Add location and data for more authenticity. Conveying your identity in a fun and approachable – but also reliable and informative – way is challenging. We hope this article helps you design the best “about us” page possible to get you the results you want. And they have the facts to prove it, too. Furthermore, the blue CTA stands out as you scroll down the page. If you’re like a lot of website owners, you probably pulled out all the stops in phase one of design, but you haven’t updated your About page since you launched. Bad move. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. 43+ Best Bakery Website Design Ideas for Cake Websites and Online Coffee Shops. To stay in line with their video-centric aesthetic, the text on their page is short and concise. His website is light, easy to read, and filled with inspiring quotes and photos of his labors of love. Sulzer does this by using a clever typesetting method which makes use of picture text links to present company information. Your home page layout acts as your customer service rep who diligently guides your visitors around your website. Each member is portrayed with a short description and an almost full-body shot, complete with their social media accounts. Kittie’s Cakes' "about us" page is filled with simple but extremely cheerful and interesting illustrations. we're a preferred Website designing Company we design and develop a website that will certainly … The information is displayed in the form of an animation with bold colors and a distinctive personality, which makes for an impressive page. These imaginative drawings are not only stylish but also add a personal touch. User Agreement Do you want users to know more about your company? The son of a Librarian and a Researcher.”. Their skincare is made from a mix of natural and carefully-selected man-made ingredients. Do you want their trust? Show your accomplishments but don’t go overboard. A clean layout and simple design appeals more to users. We love retro design for its warm colors and fun illustrations, not to mention its compatibility with traditional layout techniques. Website templates are pre-designed websites, all you need to do is add your own personal content and you're ready to jump start your own website! Our team will help you install, design, and fill your website with content. Need some inspiration for your About Us page? He also makes great use of over-sized text to bring attention to his work in a humorous manner. The About page is the section of a website where people go to find out about the website they’re on.Readers will visit this section for many reasons and with various questions they want answered, but your objective is the same: to inform them why they are on the site or why they should be on the site. Access the awards section and see why NOWNESS is currently a powerhouse in online film and video. You only need a simple and easy-to-use prototyping tool to help you get it done. So here are the list of 15 about us pages of reputed … Because their page takes parallax scrolling to the next level. Formally trained as a designer, he works to connect great people with the goal of making meaningful work and hopefully making the world a better place along the way. It doesn’t always have to tell your whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of . At Service Center one can order website development from scratch. Back in the day, website design was all about the fold. Let’s take a look at 16 of our favorite About Us pages, whose design and content strategy are … How does it do that? You want to make sure that your About Us page is attractive and compelling—a nice balance of graphics/photos and text. Pierro Caron is a French artisan sculptor. Band is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in the Pacific Northwest. User guides, training, and support articles. And while he mentions the household names he worked for in the past, he remains approachable and open to new collaborations. Your website should lead visitors to the information they want as quickly and easily as possible. This "about us" page of Feather and Stone stands out from the others due to hand-drawn illustrations. She is a fruit lover and visionary person. We created the Site Builder with the user's … The simple yet impactful mission statement and the candid employee photographs make this About page refreshingly different. In order to avoid unnecessary communication, the designer has provided a link to a document to answer important questions. Perhaps the most striking feature behind this page is that it acts as a preface to the designer’s portfolio, mirroring his free spirit and a remarkable passion for design. Boasting big, bold elements and sharp colors, this page excels at making a great first impression. Score: 8. The retro color scheme and richly-structured page gives users a surprise here and there while going through useful information. First, their main page is highly interactive. About Us Page. Traditional web hosting services were simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage. Every "about us" page exists to let users know about the company and what they do. The top part of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund page aims to attract entrepreneurs into the Chattanooga area of Tennessee. Trying to sound too professional on your "About Us" page results in stiff, “safe” copy and design -- the perfect way to make sure your company blends in with the masses. Mockplus - Design Faster. To have you sold, their About Us page greets you with the adorable mug of a bulldog. When creating a website, the About Us page is one of the first supporting pages you'll likely design for your website, regardless of the industry you're in.. Summary on About Us page: 1–2 short, scannable paragraphs at the top of a main About Us page, that offer a bit more detail about the organization’s goals and main accomplishments Subcategory pages under About Us : Including detailed information on subcategory pages can give users answers to their questions when … Made by artists for artists, Bigcartel is an online platform that makes it easy to build and manage an online store. This quickly becomes your guide to finding the products that will help you look and feel your best. Regardless, you want to direct that consumer to the appropriate page. Their entire website is a technological marvel. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. The about page of Thoughtworks page definitely does this. The first step to create an authentic, effective about us page that really communicates who you are and what you’re about is perfecting every design detail. Their philosophy taps into human emotions: "We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world." It is no wonder that the pronoun we is prevalent throughout their page. Get 707 about us page design modern website templates. Toby’s about page is actually his home page, which for a personal website (and formal name as his domain name) is a great idea. Since red exudes a warm vibe and signifies important content, this color scheme works perfectly. Use obvious CTAs to make it easy for users to use your products. These key traits are sewn into the fabric of Amoruso’s success. Mockplus Black Friday Deal, take 50% OFF everything! Some have long pink hair, others a bushy beard or big glasses. The About Us page is one of the top places where prospective students go to decide if a university is a good fit for them. On their about page, you’ll find a humorous 50-second video along with a short list of facts summarizing their love for tacos, travel, and karate – a theme which certainly permeates most of the content on the website. By all means, you are most welcome. Filled with quotes, videos, and testimonials, their page makes you believe that you can hope for a better world. It’s also vegan and certified by Cruelty Free International. This might be the most distinctive website we’ve come across. Explore their About Us page to meet the crew, listen to their songs, and get the latest news. Do not include lengthy information which does not add practical value. To sum up, this page stands out by providing the perfect mix of fun and information. You need to think of the team and the product as a whole in order to present a unique style imbued with personality that will make your design stand out in a user’s mind. About and team page is a must for any kind of websites like product/service company, creative agency, marketing group etc. The kind of journey that keeps you scrolling down for more. Although the entire page doesn’t have a lot of text, the product is effectively embedded into people’s consciousness. This is highly effective in keeping users on the site. Their certificate for ecologic distinction attests to their commitment to environmental best practices. It’s not often that you see an About page that puts so much emphasis on its “meet the team” section. Its “about us” page features a 2.5-minute video which provides company information and conveys the store’s excellent craftsmanship. This contact page shows how effective it is when a web designer takes the time to embed the same design elements used on the main pages of a website into the contact page. Perhaps what’s striking about this page is that it introduces Gummisig’s portfolio, but also reflects his free spirit and commitment. That’s the clever part behind MailChimp’s About Page. – Simple: A well thought out home page design creates a visual trail of breadcrumbs that can effectively guide your … The old picture on the left highlights its long history (the first Starbucks store was established in 1971). Since video appeals more to humans, this “about page” design is more likely to keep users on site and increase conversions. Most of all, keep it … To get the latest and most quality design resources! You bring their best friend on their side – a dog. Their page is so good, it’s no wonder they have a ‘Shop Now’ button every step of the way. Though there are many bakery website design templates available for free download, if none of those bakery templates suits you, take a look at these 43+ best bakery website design inspiration. This is the most basic. We are its heart. Amnesty International is more than an NGO. But we have something that unites us all. The team reads all your comments and is ready to turn your thoughts into their command. It also goes on to tell you how he and his family survived Hurricane Andrew and how his sister was born that night. Friendly, convenient, and concise, Code Quest gets it right. If you were a “super awesome” video business, what medium would you choose to show people what you do? The magical visuals and overall simple look and feel makes this About Us page one of our top picks. You know you’re about to hop on a journey when a website’s About Us page tells you to “Just go.”. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is trying to save the world one hammock at a time. No problem – the page also features useful links to her social media pages, as well as her online shop. As you scroll down, you are growing familiar with the products and are slowly but surely befriending the brand itself and its values. Look at the flow, whether that is having sub-pages within your “About” section, or simply scrolling through. Learn UI/UX design, get latest design trends and inspiration. Because of that, it feels like watching a modern silent movie. If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the About Us page should come naturally. So that you can understand what the company values from a first browse: 100 percent in-house products. Whether it is style, femininity, or modern dilemmas, no topic remains off limits. How can you convince men to delve into skincare? However, simply mentioning the name of your company or business is seldom enough. Because this page eases the journey for any reader seeking to take them up on their mission. It’s a great example of how to use such a page as a sort of pre-sales platform. Handoff Designs with Accurate Specs, Assets, Code Snippets Automatically. ToyFight is an award-winning creative design agency. Their About Us page stands out by showcasing some of their unique and creative projects. An About Us page is your chance to tell the world: It’s often one of the first stops when someone visits your website or blog. Girlboss empowers them by providing the tools and connections they need to own their futures. Here is a man with great respect for wood and handcrafted sculptures that “tell a story and testify to the richness of one of our most precious resources.”. This is especially reassuring because they are also here to help you. Furthermore, it’s equally rewarding when you realize that they are just as eager to start a visual dialogue with you. Now, it's time for you to design a stylish and effective "about us" page. Contact us today for a free consultation. Well, that’s exactly how the About Us section of Eight Hour Day starts – a welcoming greeting. Because as much as you love good design and inspiring illustrations, you also want to meet the people that curate all the content for you. Informative. NOWNESS is a video channel providing the best in global arts and culture. There’s also an openness about it that will unfailingly draw you in. The style of the design is a good match for the type of movie it is. Personal Design created by Fendidwi09 on Designhill. It must provide useful information succinctly and contain no fluff. Their goal is to break the cycle of extreme poverty by empowering local artisans in Thailand to earn a stable income. The content’s diversity and the team’s curatorial expertise are another reason to keep you browsing. Text typesetting is mainly based on black and red. As users discover your brand, they need to distinguish what sets you apart and makes you… you. Whether you need help in layout design or page scrolling, you’ll find it easy to create an interactive page with Mockplus’ 200 built-in components. About us page and Our team page plays an important role in a web design. Make a good impression with stylish design. The “about us” page can make or break a business website. Scroll down to see their work in videos and use the pictures at the bottom to access their Instagram page. The answer, my friend, is an effective home page layout design. With its quaint background animation, concise content, and creative visuals, this page is definitely an eye-catcher. Contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that visitors can relate to, such as education, family, etc. His quirkiness comes through thanks to his humorous tone and goofy picture. Which begs the question: what prompted these companies to move there? In addition to the visual delight, the page is also interactive and engaging. Cyberworx technologies is a Web designing and development companies in India which is result oriented. It’s simple, fun and effective, quite colorful, and displays a welcoming mix of diverseness. Best Prototyping Tool for Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps. Sam founded One Design to build a digital agency committed to high-quality web design & development, interaction design, and user-interface design. Phone support: open Ready for your call :) Phone support: Closed. Furthermore, clicking on the link on the right will showcase specific company information and culture. For that reason, it also made us browse for more. The website of The Uninvited has a dark design with hand-written text, including for the primary navigation. Instead, Eight Hour Day showcases the people behind the company and humanizes its brand. Get 180 about us page design design website templates. All rights reserved. Mockplus is a simple and easy-to-learn web prototyping tool for creating web projects, free projects, custom projects, APP projects, and more. But still there is an alarming number of websites that forget to include their brand name in their About Us pages. Meet Bulldog Skincare, the company that aims to make skincare options dedicated to men readily available. And of course there’s many different approaches that can be taken when designing an about page. Millions of people use MailChimp every day to create, send, and track email newsletters. Will it be their apps, their printed guides, or their website? An About Us page may be a deciding factor before you convince someone to convert, whether that comes in the form of: So how do you make your About Us page awesome (or more awesome?? Want to know our favorite part about his page? So, we checked many About US pages and it turned out that each web design company has its own way to represent its team to the public. As a result, you won’t find any staged or boring ID-badge-type photos – just a wonderful display of diversity. With a low key presentation of your achievements, you encourage users to trust you, which, in turn, increases conversion rates. An About Us page should make sure to cover basic information about the store and its founders, explain the company's purpose and how it differs from the competition, and encourage … Designhill; PrintShop +1-855-699-2851. Ready to contribute to the discussion? All you have to do is prove that you want to turn ideas into existence. We are not just a team, we are a family. Privacy Policy Our business hours (Mon - Fri): 05:30am (EST) - 10:00pm (PST) Tate’s About Us states that their mission is to “increase the public’s enjoyment of British art […] and international modern and contemporary art.”. If you want people to understand your company’s values, then put them in bold black and white print – just like Purple, Rock, Scissors did. Responsive Bootstrap About Us Page Template MEET OUR TEAM. The second thing is the way 6tematik introduces us to its team. Code Quest also provides a map showing their locations, which is a great idea if your business is locally oriented. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. This often requires finding the right balance between compelling content and a design carefully planned to look the part. Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk are doing what makes them happy, and this is obvious throughout their page. However, it’s really the audio and the visuals that got us hooked. Each photo in the gallery is unique and personal. The page introduces founder Emily Schuman, as well as her blog, books, and fashion collection. If they don’t need the information, they simply ignore it. In this case, the 25 pictures featured on Band’s About Us page are worth much more than the 170 actual words you’ll read on the page. Mockplus does it all! You want website visitors to convert, but they won’t if you don’t give them the … Everything important had to be above the limit from which users would start scrolling. Below the image is specific website data: the current total number of blogs and posts. All Rights Reserved. This information should be organized into the main sections of your global website navigation. Accruing more conversions. About Us Page Design: Form & Function. The page can be called About Us, Meet the Team, Who We Are, Crew, whatever, but it offers very important information you might need as a client. After you understand their global footprint, you should also imagine – imagine the possibility of a world where human rights are at the center of discussion. The latest recommended published posts are highlighted at the bottom of the page. Studies show that first impressions on the web are 94% design-related . You’ll find the About Page at the top of the menu under the Who section. Go check the About Us page of Dropbox now. Scroll down to discover his preferred action items. This is a great way to establish a personal connection with your visitors and present them with an interesti… Anton & Irene is a design agency based in Manhattan. Blake Suárez is an illustrator and designer with a fantastic sense of humor. This is a website for travelers, so the layout is perfect for those eager to explore. Display real photos of the team and individual members. Whether you’re a startup, investor, or third party, the page has a dedicated section for all its users. And this is exactly what Odoo has done with its “about us” page. It is a global movement of more than 7 million people that are campaigning for a better world, where human rights are central. An effective “about us” page is not just about filling a page with the brand logo, company, and team information, or sharing the company's philosophy. Prototype, design, collaborate, and design systems all in Mockplus. We are all very different. These examples will help you build a personal and engaging website journey. Designing the best user experience. However, it still provides enough guidance for browsing the website and even contributing. What you need to inform your audiences is why is your company called what it is called. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. Salsa is an online clothing store. The main purpose of your About Us page is to give your visitors a glimpse into who you are as a person or a business (or sometimes both). On this website’s main page you will find everything lifestyle related – fashion, food, beauty, home decor and more. The team photo tells visitors that real people - not machines - are the driving force behind the company. To see details, users simply have to click. These traits add a touch of personality to each member’s portrait, without giving too much away. LessFilms is a video production company based in Florida with clients and team members all over the world. If you scroll down, you can access all their accomplishments on the road toward better social change. The 10 Best Ranking Contact Us Pages on the Web, 25 of the Best Examples of Beautifully Designed 404 Pages, 15 Awesome Examples of Social Media Marketing, 25 of the Best Examples of Effective FAQ Pages. No number of words could hope to tell one of their potential clients nearly as much as these pictures can. He also flips the large portrait concept on its head by giving us a large silhouette where … Sophia Amoruso’s brand aims to redefine success for millennial women. Collaborate Better. Navigating through Couro Azul’s About Us page is like a journey through the unknown. It is our company. The "about us" page of Sulzer must be easy to navigate. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always check out the following 25 awesome examples of About Us pages. Get our daily newsletter from SEJ's Founder Loren Baker about the latest news in the industry! As you scroll down, you discover what Lonely Planet stands for, and their visual aid offers a preview of their services. If you want to leave a good impression on users, you need to take it very seriously. Try Out One-Page Design. You see everything in one go and decide for yourself what you take on your journey. Starbucks' "about us" page is very simple. Niki Jacob Creative Studios is an Award-Winning Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency focused on delivering customers through strategic SEO, PPC, and Social Media services. If you are unsure on how to design an effective “about us” page, take a look at these 18 examples and find out what makes them tick. About Us Page Design by Fendidwi09 in Website Design Ideas & Inspiration. For additional credibility, photos of the company’s leadership is displayed. Code Quest offers another well-executed contact us page, with an eye-catching design, fun graphics, and a dose of personality. The brand’s About Page is filled with uplifting stories of impeccable craftsmanship and tight-knit communities. Streamline collaboration between design and development, The best desktop prototyping tool trusted by millions of users, Best remote work solution for design teams, One platform for design, prototype, hand-off and design systems - Plans that scale with your team, Desktop prototyping tool - Simple plans for everyone. Therefore, it’s only natural that their About Us page features a compilation of various videos they host. Gummisig is a freelance web designer who likes to talk about himself in the third person.

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