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M-Audio vient de mettre sur orbite son nouveau microphone Sputnik. I can't find any schematic for it, so thats annoying. It’s got everything for the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed: 10 dB pad, the roll-off, and three patterns (omni, cardioid, and figure-8.) Uses 7 Pin Xlr With Transfer Box To Regular 3 Pin. The Sputnik has a self noise of only 18 dBA and for sensitivity a healthy 30 mV/Pa, and this combination and the fact it has diaphragms only 3 microns thick that were gold-coated by evaporation and the way everything runs through a Class A head amp with a 6025M pentode vacuum tube circuit (wired triode) nicely tricked-out means that it delivers genuine real-true-life noise as it happens in the air — as well as the perfect stillness of the silence behind the noise. Il n’existe pas de version de d'évaluation de ce logiciel. Infuse your recordings with the lush, classic sound of a rare, vintage mic using the extraordinary Sputnik vacuum tube microphone from M-Audio ®. Shock Mount for Sputnik - M-Audio - SP-SM4 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name The Sputnik tube microphone from M-Audio improves upon that reputation as a top- of-the-line solution for applications requiring … ...they were also blowing them out at for a while, at a very low price...old back-stock maybe...they had listed it as discontinued a while back: M-Audio Sputnik | The S350DBs are a tri-amped (150W total) satellite-and-sub mini-system with titanium tweeters, 3-inch mids, and an 8-inch subwoofer. The M-Audio Sputnik is a multi-pattern valve large diaphragm condenser with a difference. You could be monitoring someone getting ready to play, and not know the thing was on, it’s that quiet. Congratulations on your purchase of M-Audio’s Sputnik multi-pattern vacuum tube large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Product Information. The Tube Sounds Great. Fiche technique. Working Out What You Need For Your Home Recording Studio An important consideration when looking to set up a 'home recording studio' is how you will use it. Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers Déjà 181.211 membres ! Magasin de musique - Achat / Vente inst Based on a classic vacuum tube design and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to exacting standards, this multi-pattern, large diaphragm studio condenser delivers the lush, classic sound normally associated with rare and expensive vintage mics like the U47 and C12. Avis utilisateur de lapon concernant le M-Audio Sputnik : subdirectory_arrow_left Matériel et instrument {{parentCat.categoryName_sPlural}} subdirectory_arrow_left Micros statiques à tube à large membrane M-Audio Sputnik Transformer Upgrade. I Recommend This Condenser Microphone. The company manufactures a full line of audio gear, from interfaces to controllers to monitors, mics, and preamps. M-Audio Sputnik Shock Mount Replacement. Nº1 Français des ventes en instruments de musique et équipement musical sur Internet. But first impressions — it looks like it was dipped in a river of molten chrome. The Sputnik Has Nice Values For Vocals & Guitar, But I Record Whatever I Want. Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers Contact: THE SPACE RACE > Sputnik sends a message to any other It’s a reasonably priced microphone that arrives in a solid carry case with power supply, shockmount, leads and an amusing manual. Avis utilisateur de RickD concernant le M-Audio Sputnik : subdirectory_arrow_left Matériel et instrument {{parentCat.categoryName_sPlural}} subdirectory_arrow_left Micros statiques à tube à large membrane 8,6. Prepare for some pain if you get this microphone; I keep pinching myself, because I must have died and gone to Heaven! Sytek MPX-4AII BB3&4 4-Channel Solid State. "The end of microphone envy," with its saucy overtones, is supposed to say it all. M-Audio Sputnik Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone Multi-Pattern Large-Diaphragm Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone Offering cardioid, figure-eight, and omni-directional patterns, Sputnik is an ideal microphone for a number of critical vocal and instrument applications. MDR SPUTNIK, the program of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk for young people, is dedicated to playing alternative and pop and is the most appealing among listeners between 25-34 year-olds. Studio Monitors - JBL 4412A, KRK Rokit 5 and M-Audio BX5A. I have a shure SM7B mic for recording voice overs at home. The shockmount is nice, but not particularly easy to thread the Sputnik in. Le Sputnik dispose de trois modes cardioide, omnidirectionnel, et figure en 8. Congratulations on your purchase of M-Audio’s Sputnik multi-pattern vacuum tube large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Maudio Sputnik - Retrouvez les 24 références de notre catalogue Maudio Sputnik et achetez moins cher ! ($699 MSRP, M-Audio). Matériel Home Studio Microphones Microphones M-Audio M-Audio Sputnik Présentation Avis Forums € Prix---/ 10, moyenne de 0 avis . Sortez de l'ombre, rejoignez-nous ! It comes in a hard case including a shockmount, dedicated power supply, and 7-pin cable. The case looks great, but the silver exterior is a thin plastic covering that has begun to separate and peel on mine. Sebatron vmp-2000e 2-Channel Tube. M-Audio was acquired by Avid in August, 2004, but continues to operate as an independent brand with its own product line. M-Audio provides a complimentary support code upon registration. The threaded mounting ring at the bottom of the shock mount screws into the for best results, use the best mic preamp you can. The Solaris has a matte silver finish. The ever so hyped M-Audio Sputnik tube mic, with its self-proclaimed saucy overtones’ glory, does not seem to fall short of its extensive buildup after all! Talkback and Monitor Controller - SPL Model 2381. Livraison gratuite dès 99€. It has a switchable polar pick up pattern that includes settings for figure eight, omnidirectional and cardioid. M-Audio Sputnik - just wow! M-Audio Studiophile DSM2 Active Studio Monitor WOOFER. M Audio Studiophile DSM2 FRONT PANEL w/ TWEETER. M-Audio Sputnik Power Supply 120V to 240V change. I'm getting to response from the mic. Is there anyone who has tried all three? I am curious to hear about your experiences with the Advanced Audio CM-47 (or CM-12), Stellar CM-6, and M-Audio Sputnik. recordinghacks. ... (14) 14 product ratings - RARE M-Audio Sputnik Condenser Cable TUBE mic. Balari RP503 M-Audio say their aim with Sputnik is to straddle the areas covered by tube classics such as the Neumann U47 and the AKG C12, which suggests that they're going for natural warmth combined with smooth highs. $100.00. You can’t fake pinpoint accuracy, and you can’t fake the perfect rendering of real live sound. M-Audio Sputnik m-audio sputnik. Micro statique à tube à large membrane M-Audio Sputnik : 47 photos, 10 avis, 5 discussions dans les forums, 1 test et 1 news Micro M-Audio Sputnik : les PRIX, les ANNONCES, les AVIS COMPARATIFS et les CONSEILS de ceux qui ont testé ! Woodbrass est une entreprise 100% Made in France ! Learn more about the M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser microphone. Wending the power supplies and cables in and around underfoot was perfectly noiseless — not what I’m used to with tubes, which can be finicky and crackly on location. No buzzwords have been spared in the promotion of M-Audio's new tube microphone, the Sputnik. i have two oktavamods (a mkl2500 cardioid tube mic and a mk219 pe), three modded alcatron (nady/apex/cascade) tube mics with peluso capsules and either peluso or cinemag transformers, plus capacitor, tube and power supply mods, and a royer modded mxl 2001 being finished for me right … The M-Audio Sputnik is a large diaphragm tube condenser with three switchable polar patterns. The large- diameter Mylar diaphragm features an evaporated-gold coating, providing a uniform and even response. But don’t let the hype repulse you — this is the most super-excellent affordable microphone that’s ever been made in the history of the Universe, I’m not kidding you. I Have a M-audio Sputnik microphone, but the problem is, that i don't have a power supply for it, which is a big problem because it is a 7-pin multi-pattern large diaphragm vacuum tube condense microphone, and there is no way to get it I live in Czech republic and here it's impossible to order it. You will need to work out how many things you want to narrative or plug in at any one time or you might wind up with unnecessary gear-or not enough! Pencil Mic ... M-Audio Sputnik Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone side-address, dual-diaphragm, tube, multipattern, transformer-coupled, center-terminated, condenser, bottle, 6205: Karma Audio Unity Cardioid Condenser Microphone side-address, large-diaphragm, k67, transformer-coupled, condenser, … I searched everywhere and can't find anything. Also, I'm interested in knowing if the above offerings hold a match to the Peluso mics and the Miktek CV4 that are quite a … Assortiment. Adresse postale Bax Music 43 rue Charlie Chaplin 59100 Roubaix , France Cette adresse n'est pas un point de vente Tél: 0033 (0)3 66 88 08 25 E-mail: [email protected] M-Audio Sputnik Mods? $24.58 shipping. The efficient, aluminum “Maxwell Smart” secret-agent-style flightcase houses the power supply with its cable; the supple, generously long 26 ft 7-pin power connector; the shockmount; and dig — replacement elastics for the shockmount, for the day far down the road when they’ll need replacing. Okay, “scary” is the word. Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers H�t�Ɏ\�E���� �uf�^�"�`� xi%S��lra�_�s#� �*� ���b���׷������?���߯�ˏ������ˇ��?�����%DZk��z;��(+e����o��/p>.��]\�C6�ZS�����]���ҭ��]�c���+]}Z�����#�c]C=/�l�y�1_�m�!v��a-1ֱ�á�)���FZ�h�}�/y{~�&ZX[��i�m��Y�k�5-�?>��%~_./?�-,�~��V��5q)u�5��Tz�����E[B?_�n���?�������9���}��o�ܿ��X%�v�� �=_#c��ǗZ֒Z�n��+ilA����шo�����D��D��>�l�������S��k��(KZ�hI�:��N ��ƒp�3l;���#��FO[����S.���בE‘2}䂌��� The Solaris is a large diaphragm FET condenser with 3 polar patterns, -10dB pad and gentle 125Hz low-cut filter. M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser microphone. I did find one thread that mentioned that Jim Williams does/did some mods on the sputnik. The figure-8 especially has a very tightly focused zone. M-Audio Solaris Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. M-Audio. When I used this as a room mic, in a Civil War–era hall for a chorus and orchestra presentation of the Fauré Requiem — a moody, stirring piece — it captured the applause with holographic intensity and the room ‘verb with a depth and kind of “roundedness” that was stunning; it brought you back to that particular room. 1 0 obj<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>/Properties<>/MC1<>/MC2<>>>>>>> endobj 2 0 obj<>stream Here the listeners are provided with a lot of ten podcasts and eight streams. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The mic is plugged into the #1 input and then the interface is connected to my macbook via USB. M-Audio Code 25/49/61 Power Supply Adapter - PSU Black Replacement. Ok guys I have searched high and low online to find out what kind of transformer is in this and I can't find it. No buzzwords have been spared in the promotion of M-Audio’s new tube microphone, the Sputnik. Any help would be appreciated! Tout le site Matériel. $395.00. Recommendations 3) Screw the M-Audio shock mount onto a sturdy mic stand and then place the Sputnik mic into 1) Preamplifiers: the shock mount. Not these puppies. A lire avant d'acheter M-Audio Sputnik ! You recognize these things instinctively. Free shipping. The way the grille surrounding the capsule is partway sunk into the gleaming body is designed at once for maximum durability and the best possible pickup patterns. M-AUDIO SPUTNIK TUBE MICROPHONE wITH vINTAgE SOUNDS ROCKETS vAlUE INTO ORBIT BY MIKE HIRATZKA M-AUDIO SPUTNIK > $699.95 Pros: Excellent performance, value and construction. The Peluso being a little darker, more natural sounding while the Sputnik is bigger and brighter but still very balanced and with the same creamy 47ish 1-2K Region.

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