is a jaguar more powerful than a tiger

Hey Bengal Tiger win easily in head to head fight. Bengal tigers aren’t pussies. But dholes are biggest enemies of Bengal tigers, just like hyenas being biggest enemies of lions. I have checked Joubert – and you are right. Plus a Jaguars nite force is the 2 … The rarer the animals, the more valuable and desirable it is (bears and big cats are especially prized as a form of security). In the earlier times, huge packs of dholes attacking tigers was much more common. Overall a tiger is more massively built than a lion. It has twice the bite force of a lion. @FK . Um no, tigers are not the most agile. Jaguars can weigh up to 500 pounds not 100 kilograms and they can grow up to 6-8 feet not 5 feet 6 inches. The jaguar has the strongest bite of any big cat relative to its size. & nature simply does not work in such a way. It’s not a scientific fact that tigers are the most agile. Image Courtesy:, The tiger is stronger than the jaguar. Come on guys Jaguars don’t have the strongest bite force… its only related to their size. James (not James W.) is right. And Bengal tigers are different than other tigers. People have mentioned that Jaguars can swim, well Tigers can also swim. It has twice the bite force of a lion. communal lifestyle.. Seriously who put this nonsense questions. 2 years ago. XD!! Aka/Tony’s claims are just ridiculous though, LOL. They have more muscles I agree with almost all things you have mentioned. Jaguar would have to run away at some point since it won’t be able to keep up for long with the higher strength and bigger size of Bengal tiger unless it’s on a suicide mission. Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons, Counterintelligence Investigation vs Criminal Investigation, Analog Hearing Aids vs Digital Hearing Aids. Srijith have u ever came across a news that a cat had attacked and killed an adult elephant . Also, though it has been recorded that an African lion’s bite force is 650 PSI (not 600 PSI), but also know that lions only bite enough force to kill their prey – if they wanted to, they could bite much harder than that. I doubt you have ever seen any such thing.. maybe you’ve seen a video.. Bengal Tiger tops the list. As far as reality is concerned, African Lion is 600 psi, Jaguar 700 psi, Siberian Tiger 900 psi and Bengal Tiger 1050 psi. Take the tiger for example. I think if there is a head to hhead fight between jaguar and tiger, tiger will have a upper hand on jaguar because of greater intelligence, paw force,weight. Uallhoes. There’s also videos on the web showing a Tiger beating a Lion in a fight. The tiger is more used to fighting one on one than the lion. First of all, jaguar’s bite force is 2000 psi but the tiger’s bite force is 1,050 psi . Also jaguars are the most aquatic out of the four big cats and can also climb trees with the tiger lacks. The Tiger regularly takes on game that is far larger and stronger than the Lion and does such alone. No chance. AP, The jaguar’s tail is also generally shorter than the leopard’s tail. his proven talent in skilled combat gives mane, & superior cardio-vascular capacity At least you didn’t revert to name calling because someone had a different view first. The Sumatran Tiger may weigh up to 140 kgs. ... jaguars pack a stronger punch” than a lion or tiger, says biologist Adam Hardstone-Rose. You’re right at one point. ( to be fair, that is due to the fairly recent advent of humans hunting them there). Plus a Jaguars nite force is the 2 strongest watch 1350 PSI. A jaguar can leap upto 10 feet in the air. I think a jaguar could certainly hold their own against a lioness or a tigress though. I am not “biased” – as I noted, there is actually The average tiger would be a lot bigger and heavier than the average jaguar, so it'd also be the stronger animal. If Tiger encounters Jaguar, it’s either they avoid each other or otherwise. The tiger is stronger than the jaguar. FYI: The lion’s mane does protect it’s neck during combat, but it does NOT fully prevent animals like tigers/leopards/jaguars from penetrating it. He watched a lone male lion – charge down, topple & kill, a 6y/o elephant! Who will win the fight between Bengal Tiger and Jaguar? The stripey & spotted cats were unfavourably compared to the lion As any of these animals can kill with a single bite in the head, the bigger size only makes it a larger target. They have only one color that is brownish with black stripes. Jaguars have the 4th most powerful bite in land animals beating both lions and tigers. Jaguar weighs between 56 – 100 kg and has a head and body length of up to 5 ft 6 inches. Tigers can weigh up to 650 lbs, but the average is 450 – 500 lbs. “unlikely ” dhobi-wallah stories.. eh, Arundhoti.. & Arunymouse, if dhole are really so fierce, The jaguar is the highest rated. It wins. And, sure, a large male lion might best the average jaguar, but at similar sizes, the jaguar wins every single time. A Bengal is twice the cat…one swipe and Jag is out… Look it up, there’s pictures on the web. The jaguar could win this with a nasty skull bite, but it would be difficult for a jaguar to get it’s jaws around the huge head of an adult male tiger. on felid morphology. Tiger is bigger and stronger but the jaguar is faster and more agile.SO I will say it can go either ways in a fight between this two carnivores.. Tigers bite force is 1050 psi, Jaguar bite force is 2,000psi, only behind, bears,,alligators and crocs. species, other than size.. plus the lion’s more recent Anon, Indian dholes don’t even attack people. 6. Jaguars are solitary animals that live and hunt alone, except … The Bengal tiger simply has too much of a strength advantage int his match up. I did some research, and you are right – tiger did become the national animal after the British left. Jaguar is the world third largest cat after tiger in the first and lion in the second which can weigh up to 100 kg with the body length of 5 ft 6 inch including head. only slight physical differences between Panthera However, other big cats – like the Bengal tiger and the Pantanal Jaguar, are equally aggressive, and they often have to fight in order to win the heart of a female or to protect their territory. With the obvious exception of the cheetah, The funniest part is, the lion had the size advantage. It kills crocodile which is much much bigger than caiman which the Jaguar kills. Leopards and jaguars are fierce animals. Black Panthers can climb on trees with their powerful claws. Jaguar has a 40% chance of winning. Lions do indeed hunt large prey. Jaguars hunt individually, often springing from trees upon tapirs, capybaras, and peccaries. As far as the jaguar’s bite force goes – the results are mixed. The female jaguars would normally weigh 10 to 20 % less than the male while in tigers the male is generally 1.7 times larger than the female. Tigers are great swimmers too. When the British took over India, they wanted India’s national animal, the tiger to be considered evil, and their national animal, the lion, to be considered courageous. Jaguars are larger and stockier, and are mainly found in the Western hemisphere. ones, cannot match his Kingly suite of attributes.. James W, get your facts straight man jaguars actually have the strongest bite of any mammal and not just for size there is no other big cat that is able to bite directly through bone that’s why lion, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and cougars go fro the unprotected throat while jaguars either go for a direct bite for the skull or will just try and completely sever the vertebrae in spine. Weight is 56 to 96 kg, can go up to 160 kg. Jaguars bite force isn’t stronger than Tiger, Jaguar’s bite force only stronger in pound for pound. Looking at the prey both jaguar and Bengal tiger feed on dangerous animals, Jaguar also feed on other natural predators like wolf, fox, caiman, anaconda and alligator in Central & Southern America on the other side Bengal tiger is also known for killing other natural predators like Leopard (very much similar to jaguar), Bear and wolf. But tiger weights upto 226 kgs. Look up ‘male lion hunts buffalo alone’ – on youtube. Jaguars also have the most powerful bites in the entire cat family and scores 1200 psi. In a fight between these two ,we have think about the possibilities of both contenders. Key Difference: A Jaguar and Tiger belong to the same family known as Felidae family. CHECK Joubert! Jaguars base coat is usually tawny yellow, but can range to reddish-brown and black. Don’t fool yourself please. Denser the muscles, the stronger you are. Recently a Bengal Tiger killed an African lion in ankara zoo in turkish with single paw swipe. A Jaguar resembles  leopard, but is larger and has a somewhat shorter tail. Third strongest jaguar because its used to kill animal just by biting through the skull but only live in south America and some parts of Asia and Africa. It’s not common now, it’s more of a rarity. C. Clouded leopard bite force is equal or slightly 0.2% less than jaguar. Were not talking Siberian tiger anyways, were talking bengal tiger! It is the third largest and classiest cat after the lion and the tiger. Also, I don’ t think wild jaguars weigh 500 lbs… The largest ones are ~350 lbs, while the average is ~ 250 – 300 lbs. Tiger is bigger and heavier /Jaguar is stronger and more agile. Compare Bull vs. Bear in Face to Face Fight,,,, Chital, Wild Pigs, Gaur, Water Buffalo, Nilgai and Wild Boar, Adult caiman, Tapir, Large Rodent, Ungulate, Capybaras and Fox. A 300 lb male jaguar would beat a 300 lb lion. 5. And pound for pound, the bite of a jaguar is the most powerful of the big cats, even more than that of a tiger and a lion. Lion has a mane to protect them selves. to ignorance, & surly ‘payback’ based on the lion also being Imperial Britain’s A. Jaguar is taller, longer and heavier than leopard. But the only thing I disagree with you is that a Tiger will be able to chase away an adult Jaguar from its kill. Hence, the Jaguar has more strength to fight with the Bengal Tiger for a longer time. A male lion cannot even kill a female tiger let alone a male tiger. Generally speaking, a Bengal tiger should win this more often than not – Not just because of the weight, but the tiger has longer canines, longer claws, and a more robust build. This news was reported from the Indian state of Kerala . so what do u say ……if i say…… kills anaconda and it kills adult caimans……..can tiger kill a anaconda huh………tiger success rate of killing a prey is only 5 to 20 % .. but jaguar’s is far more than tiger because it live’s in central america and in amazon ,…….it can eat anything from a tapir to an anaconda ……so without any doubt we can say jaguar’s success rate is more than that of tiger’s. The jag has one chance to win.. get the killer-bite latched on the tiger’s throat. from most of India, the bold aggression of lions defending their open aa jaguar COULD beat a tiger. the most powerful.. Your email address will not be published. Research by Adam Hartstone-Rose and colleagues at the University of South Carolina, who compared the bite forces of nine different cat species, reveals that a jaguar’s bite force is only three-quarters as strong as a tiger’s bite force. I say the jaguar will avoid a tiger 100percent and a tiger will do the same. Tiger killed as many as lions itself. The smaller ones are found to weigh as low as 40 kgs. B. Jaguar bite force is more powerful than any other big cats which helps him to crush the bones of other predators and preys with just one single bite. However, my point still stands because the British propoganda about lions being bold and tigers being cowards was always present – in fact the British cruelly slaughtered many Bengal tigers when they took over India- and that is why India made it their national animal- they wanted to save tigers from extinction, and they had a project called “Project Tiger” in 1972. How big is a Jaguar? The tiger is the most powerful of all the big cats, and is native to East and Southern Asia. Jaguars are seen in many places ranging from Southern Mexico to Argentina. How strong is the bite of a Jaguar? They do kill black which can be up to ~20 feet in length though. There have been cases of 100 lb leopards taking down 500 lb tigers with jaw locks to the neck? They keep up their strength by regularly climbing the straightest and tallest of trees, swimming and hunting adult elephants occasionally. The maximum reported has been a pack of 24 of those brutes, and the tiger had killed 18 of those before dying itself. This means that the elephant was a juvenile. Ironically AP, This could be a huge advantage. And one more thing: Bengal tiger has a 100% chance of winning the fight against Jaguar. It kills bear occasionally for food in Siberia. James W, I think the surprise factor can determine the out the wild. ..only read about such tall-stories told by cheeky natives.. I think the Bengal tiger would win. Both Tiger and Jaguar are the world most dangerous and fiercer wild cats including lion, cheetah, cougar and Leopard. Tigers are my favorite animals but in a 1 on 1 a Jaguar would win a fight, kill the Tiger or run away. i saw a fight between a bengal tiger and siberian tiger on youtube and siberian tiger easily defeated the bengal tiger Lions still have to encounter hyenas, (though the hyena clans may get massacred.) Like tigers, Jaguars are also the solitary hunters who love to hunt and live alone in the jungle of Amazon. Jaguar’s bite force is greater than any of the big cat ……even while not in pound to pound///// Jaguar’s bite force is 2000 psi where as tiger”s bite force is 1050 psi….. 5 years ago. Good post, but keep in mind that some studies (not all, but some) have shown that a jaguar’s bite is stronger than a tiger, to ~ 2000 PSI. I would go for the Bengal tiger..jaguars are extremely powerful pound for pound with a huge bite force but Bengal tigers also have powerful jaws and are much larger….even if they shared the same living space they would avoid one another, and a Bengal tiger would not hunt or kill a jaguar with the same regularity as it does with the smaller leopard…the tiger would not risk injury; however, the tiger could chase away a jaguar off kills as they frequantly do with leopards… Adult Bengal tigers In the northern sub continent can weigh over 250kg and are the top predator in their environment; only huge packs of wild dholes, the indian wild dog, and humans with guns are a threat to them. They are the bravest of all tigers and big cats. I think a fairer match up would be a Sumatran tiger against a Pantanal jaguar. Even ‘huge packs’ are not going to around for long – if they attempt to select tigers as prey of choice, Tiger cubs are born after 16 weeks or 112 days, while panthers are born after 90-105 days. it was the British Raj ‘sportsmen’ who largely extripated the Asiatic lion Despite being 50 lbs lighter, the tiger got the advantage in the fight. Average tiger will always kill an average Jaguar with 100% kill rate. It kills d fast animals like leopard. Ok, maybe the tiger can be stronger, but jaguar can kill anything pound to pound. And no Jaguar on this planet earth can kill an adult Tiger, even if it gets the golden chance, cuz the Tiger is too powerful for the Jaguar, it’ll kill the Jaguar any way. him the edge over the others, along with On the other hand, tiger does not resemble any other big cat. They also feed on fish and rabbits; some jaguars kill domestic cattle for food. advances – mainly from its very competitive Your only giving jaguar stamina? The way they kill is different, too. It is d largest cat, it can live in cold Siberia to swamps of S.E. the jaguar has the most powerful jaw among all the mammals, which measuring up to 2000 pls, twice the power to the tiger, jaguar also has a more muscular structure and level of precision when she kills, so it's really hard to tell, unless you make them fight. A Jaguar would obviously win! However, it is important to note that the average weight of an African lion is 185 kg (~408 lbs), while the average weight of a Royal Bengal tiger is 222 kg (~490 lbs). deemed ‘King of beasts – since back in ancient times. The forest department confirms several same instances . The world’s only known tiger-jaguar hybrid would be a very valuable addition to a private collection, so if Mickey the tiguar did exist, he is most likely in private hands. The Lion requires the help of the pride to take out a large animal. Due to poaching and loss of habitat, tigers have been classified as endangered by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Jaguar is the South American only living felid of genus Panthera and it is the world 3rdlargest cat after Tiger at first and Lion at second. The Bengal tiger is still more stronger and ferocious. But Bengal tigers don’t encounter dholes AS often as African lions. About the bear comment… I know this sounds ludicrous , but if a lion could topple over a 6 year old elephant, than a Kodiak or a Polar bear, which is 2-3x larger and stronger than a lion, could do the same. Now, a jaguar could kill a tiger in “10 minutes” with a skull bite, but this will be difficult because adult tigers have huge heads and they can also stand on their hind legs which can save it from the jaguar’s bite. Knowing this you can sense how dangerous Bengal Tiger is. Tigers are the only carnivores known to kill water buffaloes and gaur(check out this guy) alone. Golden or black, jaguars always keep their spots. Some studies show that a jaguar’s bite force is lower than a tiger/lion’s, while other’s show the opposite. In Africa wild dogs fear lions greatly, & are persecuted by them relentlessly.. Tiger is much stronger than Jaguars but Jaguars’s bite force is powerful I voted the Bengal tigers because they larger than Jaguars. Sign up to receive ourPredators Face-Off's via email: © Copyright 2014-2018 Animal vs Animal Comparison Blog. See guys. i think there is a wrong in formation the average weight of bengal tiger 240ks not 210, dude can tiger but through skull or turtle shell? After seeing Bengal tigers hunting full grown rhinos, elephants and crocodiles successfully all alone, I’d say it would have no problem defeating a jaguar. Bengal Tiger are the most numerous tiger sub species in the world especially found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh but still they are in the list of “endangered animal” as declared by IUCN. But what do you think about this fight? I say jaguar would win. Check this video out:, And check this video out to:, I was shocked how the leopard managed to avoid getting it’s neck siezed by the lion… Not to mention that the lion had the advantage of attacking the leopard while it was sleeping…. However, these are only a few studies, and the tiger usually has a more powerful bite. The jaguar (Panthera onca) is a large felid species and the only extant member of the genus Panthera native to the Americas.The jaguar's present range extends from the extreme southwestern United States and Mexico in North America, across much of Central America, and south to Paraguay and northern Argentina in South … Most of the time, the Bengal tiger dominates the battlefield due to its excellent fighting skills and the ability to kill prey quickly. Only the polar and grizzly/brown bears can rival it. A Tiger would beat a Jaguar, no doubt. In fact, lions drive dogs out of their hunting areas, as Siberian tigers do to wolves.. All those South American pussies don’t know anything about Asian Tigers.. Jaguar no doubt is a formidable beast but Tiger is even more formidable. Hey, just because jaguar has a stronger bite doesn’t mean that it wins. to its recent evolutionary adaptations & The average tiger would be a lot bigger and heavier than the average jaguar, so it'd also be the stronger animal. So if the jaguar is lucky enough to bite the tiger’s skull, it would win – however this is unlikely, and a HUGE IF. Jaguars are outstanding swimmers and climbers. Bengal (Indian) tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the South China tiger, the Malayan tiger and Siberian (Amur) tiger. Sorry for going on a tangent. Their courage exceeds those of lions. Jaguars are more intelligent than tigers, faster, have more stamina, are more agile, have almost twice a tigers bite force. A jaguar’s fur is usually golden colored, but can also be quite dark and even appear to be black. leonkarlen123. were described as ‘cunning, stealthy, sneaky, calculating , malcious &cruel’. Anon, I might still bet on the tiger because it would be more robustly built than the jaguar (even at similar weights), but nevertheless, it would be an interesting match up. Pound for pound, Jaguar is extremely powerful, but the tiger is built to be stronger intelligent. Pound for pound,the jaguar is probably the strongest cat followed by the leopard but in this fight,the tiger wins due to it being much bigger and stronger.But the jaguar having the most powerful jaws of all felids would still be able to inflict severe injuries. In fact, it got the lion by the neck, but the mane saved the lion. the male lion, has his mane to prevent this option.. James W, Both can kill his prey with one single bite but due to over heavy size and weight Bengal tiger always has the upper hand over jaguar. Bears no longer live in Africa, since they could not compete with lions.. Competition is less tough in India, & so are the toughest of the animal thugs.. lions. ..never seen a documentary about a tiger killing a cocodrile by piercing the skull…usually throat suffocation as a lion the does! the ‘sly, cunning’ tiger out of his dangerous jungle lairs. Even pound for pound, a tiger has anatomy-advantage over a lion in the forequarters. Jaguars can take down caimans and wild boars. Their top running speed is 50 mph (80 kph). chosen symbol.. Boss lions habitually persecute hyenas, on sight. There has not been a single case of a lone 500 pound male lion taking down a 6-8 ton male elephant. Larger Bengal tigers are ~575 lbs. That’s only the case when all big cats were the same size. only on similar sizes jaguar has higher bit force than a tiger. The lion was given the titles “KIng of Beasts” and “King of the jungle” because of it’s royal appearance (the mane) and its lifestyle. Bengals will only go after calves, juveniles, or sick/elderly/dying individuals. Jag may have greater bite force. tiger is the agile cat in the world, that ‘s not my stament but it’s a scientific fact, a tiger is so much agile that it can take down a brown bear(russian ber) and even crocodiles(in india). And the Jaguar is faster than the tiger too. This is all wrong, the jaguar is stealthier, stronger, stronger jaws and teeth. And… Bengal tigers have taken down full grown rhinos (though rhino is pretty rare) and crocodiles , elephants are questionable. But, weren’t we talking about a Jaguar vs Bengal Tiger fight? James W, Some studies show that a jaguar’s bite is harder than that of a tiger’s, while some show that it is slightly higher.

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