i don't want to study engineering anymore

So take those skills and go do something that makes you happy. If you are good at science and math but aren't sure what you want to do with your life, engineering is a safe starting major. As a result, you’ll feel so confident that you'll ace all the assignments and quizzes and walk into the exam room feeling ready to conquer it. My photography school had fees of 350 Euro a month. Only engineering is the only path to happiness, even though you don’t really want to study it. Most recently this: I finished a computer science degree last year, worked about a year in the Java EE stack. Graduates entering the engineering profession often don’t realise the full range of specializations available in the sector. I like Science and engineering, but I don’t want to study it. If necessary, let others know in advance that you’ll be studying and need to go off the grid for a while to focus. Figure out what it is about Mechanical engineering you don’t want to do anymore. You don’t want to be fielding group text messages from your friends or taking calls from your family when you're trying to study. We long for the days when there’ll be a clear distinction between work and play and yes, we’ve even said stuff like ‘ I can’t wait to have a full-time job so I can have weekends off’ (don’t worry, I realise this isn’t a reality for a lot of full-time workers either). In case where you have found a great idea to start a new business and earn money, then maybe there is no need to study anymore. You aren’t happy If you are not satisfied with what you are studying, it will reflect in all the other aspects of your life. But the benefits of studying in a group don’t stop there. I personally don’t hold much love for study timetables: in my experience, they inevitably end up sitting over your desk, evilly mocking your ineptitude with each day that you get further and further behind the targets you set three weeks ago. W hen interviewing the students about their t houghts of educ ational choice in upper . Obviously NO. You can also opt for a general engineering degree. How do you get to study when you have zero motivation to do so? You don’t have to write code if you don’t want to. Now, Engineering is not as broad as other disciplines. Engineers don't just study science and math. So I'm pretty sure I don't want to do engineering anymore. Regardless of what it says on your degree - General, ECE, MechE, Bio/MatSci, it’s ok if you take a different path. I would suggest you to stop complaining and accept your circumstances and complete your graduation. Finished it but never actually worked as an architect, that's why she's being very supportive with me, she knows why I'm going through. Studying photography is expensive; studying photography at a private school is super expensive. When you study in a group you can pool your notes together and get much better notes than any one person could possibly produce. If anyone out there has any ideas of good non-engineering jobs out there I’d like to know because I want to change my career. Whatever your exact role, the high demand for qualified engineers means you can expect a reasonable salary, with recent graduates earning up to US$61,457 annually in Saudi Arabia, for example. These 8 tips on how to study when you can’t focus are kicked off by a college student. Then set your device to “Do Not Disturb” mode, or, better yet, power it down completely. It’s an easy story for me to tell. Do you have any other options to be happy ? 2. I get a surprising number of emails from career programmers who have spent some time in the profession and eventually decided it just isn't for them. We just felt guilty about not studying all the damn time. There are plenty of excellent jobs in non-STEM fields. The more you hate your circumstances, more you will lose your focus. Jess is studying engineering, and has learned how to manage the stress that accompanies exams. Make a list of what you do like to do. If everyone was in STEM fields, society would rapidly collapse. A General Engineering degree is good for you if you already know you are interested in Engineering, but you do not know in what type of Engineering – electrical, mechanical, automotive and so on—you want to specialise in. Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd immediately say "I want to be an aerospace engineer". In this case you shouldn’t feel bad about quitting. Of course, it’s not just about the money though. if you dont want engineering thank please dont take it. You’ve learned how to think like an engineer, and how to solve problems like an engineer. I have studied in night, in the morning, basically anytime needed. But, most engineers don’t do well when they have to jump back and forth between daily tasks…but that is the life of an engineer now. 4. Get your 12th qualification from open schooling, choose whatever subjects you want. 4. I don’t … engineering is a field which need full patience , interest , passion and knowledge how to tackle stuffs with your critical thinking ability . Most importantly, don’t forget to seek support from your family, friends, and professors. Head to our article on engineering degree discipline choices for more help on making this decision. You are a guest in someone else’s house. The ones I don't hate are bearable. I sometime wake up at 11 AM, sometimes at 8 AM. Most universities offer a number of engineering courses, from mechanical engineering and civil engineering to aerospace engineering and biomedical engineering. It's a problem we've all faced, myself included. For the past 9 years up until now I've known exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Students in masks check in to NYU dorms as New York City continues Phase 4 of reopening. It's easier to switch from a rigorous college major to an easier one, plus many of the courses required for engineering are transferable to other disciplines. Like the title says, I don't even know what I want to do anymore. I'm not sure if i want to do engineering anymore. Do you want to stay there for long? 3. 2. I've been going to an engineering school after transferring from a community college, and so far I am hating most of the mechanical engineering courses up to junior level. If you really don’t want to continue with a course then there are other options besides dropping out. 6 min read. Also, studying in a group takes advantage of the fact that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. I have studied... a lot.. I don't think I want to be an engineer anymore. Advice needed Advice needed I originally was prevet/premed at a prestigious big name university, but ended up transferring schools and switching to aerospace engineering when my advisor informed me there was no way in hell I was getting into medical school with a C in organic chemistry. Don't blame the professor, blame your foolish pride. If you don’t have anything to contribute to conversations about your course, not even to complain about the teachers, then you must realize it’s not your territory. The first thing you have to do is 1. I have studied 2 days before exams and 2 mins before exams! Nope. It's a Good Major If You Don't Know What You Want to Do . Which type of engineering degree do I want to study? So You Don't Want to be a Programmer After All. What can you do ? Take a year off, explore yourself like your interests, hobbies, strengths and all. But, that is to say, only if you don’t have the possibility to still continue your studies together with your business development, or you have already found a source of income and you are okay with it. If you want to start a business that is not engineering there are several options. If you don’t need a student visa, it is more likely you’ll be able to work as many hours as you like, as long as this doesn’t affect your studies – but check with the university and/or official government site. 4.1. That’s when the final exam actually shows you how much you don't know. The same thing happened to my mom, she didn't like architecture, but stick to it. Having a support group is an effective way to beat burnout as it lets others know you need help to succeed. Study General Engineering – learn how to explore your passion for making and unmaking things. You don’t have a social life anymore You don’t have to become a PM and work on technical products. I know I could just stick with it, but I'm pretty sure it would be a waste if I end up not doing engineering. My GPA is close to a 4.0, so my lack of effort is not the problem. Weekends without study. I still love coding, but I hate this industry.

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