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Investigate whether it could have any negative effects. DIVERSITY: affirming the uniqueness of and differences among persons, ideas, values, and ethnicities. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! A higher score indicates that professional values are very important, and that nurses are more oriented toward stronger professional values. The following is an illustration of the professional values that are central to nursing. Nurses should respect the health team and the patients regardless of their racial and ethnic identity. By using the stratified random sampling method, 100 nursing students were included in the study. A multitude of factors may have contributed to the lower importance placed on these values; some causes might be less information about the importance of these values in the development of the profession, low motivation, insufficient affirmation, and low encouragement by nursing educators. The caring dimension reflects respect for patients and protection of patient rights. Nurse Educ Today. These findings are in agreement with the findings of the studies conducted in the United States [15, 23], Taiwan [24], Korea [25], and Iran [21]. Guide to the code of ethics for nurses: Interpretation and application. Concerning the lower importance of the “recognizing role of professional nursing associations in shaping healthcare policy” value, Esmaeili et al. Development and psychometric evaluation of the nurses professional values scale-revised. 2008;28(1):108–14. Nursing Values: How to Apply the Top 5 Nurse Core Values Apply these top five professional nursing values in your everyday practices to retain the trust and confidence of your patients and fellow medical staff members. 2010;30(5):458–63. The importance of professional values from nursing students’ perspective. 0. Nursing Professional Values Scale-Revised. Nurs Educ Perspect. However, some professional values such as participating in public policy decisions and participating in nursing researches were less important. Nurses hold hands with frightened elders whose spouses are dying. Moon S, Kim DH, Kim EJ, Kim Y-J, Lee S: Evaluation of the validity and reliability of the Korean version of the Nursing Professional Values Scale-Revised. Legal parameters of nursing are defined by statutory, regulatory, and common law. Unlike other fields, nursing requires a special attention to word selection, especially when it comes to the assessment of patients. Farokhzadian J, Khajouei R, Ahmadian L. Information seeking and retrieval skills of nurses: Nurses readiness for evidence based practice in hospitals of a medical university in Iran. Professionalism also extends to a nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and self-reflect on behaviors and actions, always striving for both professional and personal development. In this study, a significant relationship was found between the GPA and scores of professional values. Professional nursing values among baccalaureate nursing students in Hong Kong. You may easily become a nurse after having obtained a qualification and attended a nursing school, yet it is not that easy to become a professional one who takes into consideration certain values related to nursing and practices them regularly. Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives. J Am Sci. Free essay sample on the given topic "American Psycho". We need you to be detailed. This shows low awareness about these values or educators’ insufficient emphasis on them, time limitations to promote these values, and negative attitudes of students toward these values. The researchers appreciate all nursing students who gave their time so generously in order to participate in the study. St. Louis, Mo: Saunders/Elsevier; 2007. In their study, Weis and Shank concluded that higher focus on curricula of junior and senior students could change some professional values, indicating that time spent in school was associated with change in values [30]. Professional values of nursing students may be changed considerably by curricula. Each student enters the nursing school with a set of values that might be changed during the socialization process [9]. 2010;3:3. In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of models in nursing research and newly created terminology has started to be used in nursing. The students were ensured about anonymity and confidentiality of the data as well as voluntary participation in the study. 2003;35(3):291–6. Karami A, Farokhzadian J, Foroughameri G. Nurses’ professional competency and organizational commitment: Is it important for human resource management? As a conclusion, nursing is as rich as any other field of study; it lends itself to continuous exploration, development, and probing. One of the significant consequences of teaching ethics and professional values to students is increasing their capacity for autonomous ethical decision-making [12]. ● Integrity. The present study was conducted to examine the importance of professional values from nursing students’ perspectives. 30 (5): 279-284 . This model comprises the following: ● Caring. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! In addition, professional standards of care provide the legal guidelines for nursing practice. In developing the professional values scale, Weis and Schank used the ANA Code of Ethics as well as the studies on nursing values and their promotion among nurses [2]. Nurse Educ Today. 1rd ed.Wayne State University; 1990. Therefore, nursing educators play a key role in determining the future way in which nurses grow professionally and are prepared to confront new, unavoidable challenges [9]. statement and The study had three limitations. The results showed that the students’ mean age was) 21.9 ± 1.26 (and GPA was at B level (16.20 ± 1.20). We used the Persian version of the NPVS-R in this study. It is a field where learning is never-ending. 2008. Professionalism in nursing is a calling that requires specialized knowledge, long and extensive academic preparation. [19], Clark [15], Fisher [23], and Leners et al. Thus, as a way of preserving its ethical nature, a nurse has better be punctual and respectful. Uses strategies to manage situations where a person's wishes conflict with nursing interventions necessary for the person's safety. 2006. Delivering empathy for the patient as they cope with their condition. References Martin, P., Yarbrough, S. and Alfred, D. (2003) Professional Values Held by Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Nursing Students. Nursing values are constructed by members of political and social systems, including professional nursing organisations and educational institutions. 1. The National League for Nursing (NLN) developed a core values model that promotes doing right by patients. But, a nurse works in a context where there are patients with different health problems and who need to be taken care of; hence, nurses should not bring with them their personal problems to where they work. Walker and Avant's (2011) method was used to guide an analysis of this concept. To be a responsive nurse is not merely limited to the act of responding to doctors’ requests. Professional values. Then, official permission for collecting data was obtained from the Razi Nursing and Midwifery School. Students may increase their commitment to professional values directly through role playing and indirectly through observing behaviors related to professional values [14]. The most important values as identified by higher mean scores were respectively as follows: “maintaining confidentiality of patients”, “safeguarding patients’ right to privacy”, “assuming responsibility for meeting health needs of the culturally diverse population”, and “maintaining competency in area of practice”. The most important values identified by the students were “maintaining confidentiality of patients” and “safeguarding patients’ right to privacy”. Around 37% of the students were in the eighth semester, and around 37.6% of the students had participated in professional ethical training courses (Table 1). Presently, however, less attention is paid to the emotional dimension in the formation of values compared to the other two [14]. Fill out the order form step-by-step. [8]. In this research paper we will look at the professionalism values to nursing practices and then examine one professional nursing value and elaborate what it entails. Lechner et al. Nursing Capella University, 2009. Professionalism also extends to a nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and self-reflect on behaviors and actions, always striving for both professional … Students with high GPA Probably have the necessary scientific competency in their professional performance, which may result in giving higher importance to professional values as a significant index of professional competence. The emphasis of the book is on fundamental values of equality, dignity and caring. The interaction could also be manifested in phone calls, emails, and online forums where nurses are likely to gather and exchange expertise and thoughts. 1. A nurse is expected to be communicative both with colleagues and with patients. Rassin RM. Martin P, Yarbrough S, Alfred D. Professional values held by baccalaureate and associate degree nursing students. Through professional socialization, which results in the complete acquisition and internalization of values, nursing students should acquire necessary skills and knowledge in cognitive, emotional, and practical dimensions. The studies conducted by Rassin [16] and Clark [15] had results similar to those of this study, with no difference found between total scores of professional values of students in different semesters of their nursing education. Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. The Professional Values Model seems suitable for nurse managers and it is expected that testing will improve it. Nursing Education Research. In fact, ethical codes clarify nursing profession practices, the quality of professional care, and professional norms [2]. Nursing is a way of life, not merely a job. A two-section questionnaire was used for data collection. Reliability of the NPVS-R was reported to be 0.91 using Cronbach’s alpha [22]. There was no significant difference in the students’ professional values based on different educational semesters (F = 0.29, p = 0.74).

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